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July 1, 2018

Summer Seminar! It’s right around the corner! July 20-25, 2018

Instilling Global Competency in World Language Teaching:  Words into Action   

 Click here: 29th Annual Summer Seminar for Language Educators


CLTA Jamboree! Save the date – October 20, 2018

Click here: CLTA World Language Jamboree





The World Language Standards Advisory Committee wrapped up their final session on June 30.  There are still steps in the process, but we can be proud of our California world language teachers who agreed to undertake this important work which will benefit teachers and students of world language and culture. Look for field review opportunities coming up.


Meanwhile, the Framework process is going forward. Here are the dates for the Framework Focus Group meetings. Anyone may attend these meetings as members of the public.

August 16, 2018– San Diego County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)

August 22, 2018– Santa Clara County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)

August 29, 2018– CDE in Sacramento (4–6 p.m.) and via videoconference at the Humboldt and Tulare County Offices of Education

September 12, 2018– Los Angeles County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)


Look for Standards Resources on the CLTA website:


Reminders from the California Department of Education:

Global Education and Empathy: Contributing to a Kinder World

Do you teach 7 to 11 year olds? The KIND Foundation is funding Empatico, a multi-year $20 million initiative to connect students around the globe. It’s a free online learning tool that builds broader world views through meaningful interactions with peers. Empatico’s mission is to make it possible for children worldwide to connect and share, and by giving them this opportunity to meaningfully interact with one another, to create a lifetime of positive change.

Leading technologists, passionate teachers and global education experts have collaborated to develop the beta version of Empatico, which is now available. Teachers are invited to test the tool, share feedback, and help optimize Empatico for their classroom needs.

Teacher Recruitment: ‘Make the Switch’ Campaign

To put a spotlight on mid-career professionals who have become teachers, the CDE is planning the launch of a publicity campaign called “Make the Switch: Become a Teacher,” which features video profiles of individuals who have made the switch, as well as resources letting people know how to become a teacher. If someone you know has switched careers to become a teacher, please be aware that nominations are currently being sought for the video campaign. You can read more about this campaign on the Superintendent’s Initiatives Web page.

Perhaps you know someone you think would be a good candidate to become a teacher, either a mid-career professional, military veteran, or a young person. Please let them know how they can make the switch by directing them to resources at the CDE or other Web sites including the Teach California Web site and the California Center on Teaching Careers.

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