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The grants listed below have been generously provided in the past. CLTA will include specific dates and possibly changed descriptions, as they become available from the governments. Those with an * are “on hold” or “in progress.” 

Governments and other organizations generously offer a variety of travel/study grants to CLTA members. Travel abroad is generally during the summer. CLTA works closely with the granting entities, but occasionally the detailed information regarding location and dates of travel/study are not made available at the anticipated times, particularly when a consulate does not hear, or if a government is unsure, about whether or not a grant will be awarded. CLTA makes every effort to keep the information up-to-date, so keep checking the site if your desired grant deadline and information is not posted.

Unless otherwise indicated, January 15, 2017 is the due date for government and foundation grant applications to CLTA (Japan is due directly to the Japan Foundation December 15, 2016.  See Japan Foundation grant description below.)

Responsibilities of the grantee:

• Transportation and related extra costs not specifically specified in the grant (CLTA urges applicants to apply for LangAbroD grants at the same time you apply for a grant)
• Awardees are expected to contact the governments as soon as they are awarded a grant, to ascertain all the particulars regarding their grant
• In all cases, CLTA asks that grant recipients share their experience, either by writing an article to be included on the CLTA website (Awardees may also consider submitting a proposal to share their experience as an interest session at the following CLTA Conference – If the proposal is accepted and the awardee presents, the required article for the newsletter will be waived if the awardee desires)

Centro MundoLengua AP Travel/Study Grant

ONE scholarship available

Program description:

The recipient of the Centro Mundolengua Summer Scholarship has the ability to choose where he/she would like to study. Centro Mundolengua is providing an AP Spanish language and culture program for teachers in Seville, as well as an AP Spanish literature program in Madrid. The scholarship recipient can choose whichever program he/she prefers. In these wonderful historic centers of Spain, teachers can learn about the latest teaching resources, integration of language skills, and AP program goals. These are the only programs for teachers in Spain endorsed by the College Board. Our main goal is to ensure that the recipient of this scholarship learns pertinent information to be brought back and shared with his/her students.


The first week consists solely of cultural visits. The second week is a mix of cultural visits and AP workshops.

Package includes:

Thirty hours of AP Spanish development; full room and board; accommodations with a host family in Seville and in a residence in Madrid*; cultural activities; 24-hour support; class materials; College Board certificate.

*Subject to very limited availability. In lieu of a residence stay, participants will receive a credit of 400 euros in cash upon arrival. In this case, they are completely responsible for finding and booking accommodation. Meals are not included. The 400 euros will serve as a stipend for housing + meals.

Other expenses not included:

Airfare, weekend excursions, medical expenses / insurance, graduate credits, nighttime activities (except tapas night and welcome/farewell dinners).

Selection criteria:

Applications are open to high school teachers who are also CLTA members and who are currently teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture or AP Spanish Literature, or who plan to teach either course in the near future. 

LangAbroD Grant for Travel

In the past CLTA has offered as many as six LangAbroD grants of up to $500 each (subject to change) to be used to defray travel expenses for members who wish to improve their fluency in the language they teach by visiting a country where that language is spoken. This year’s level of support has not yet been determined. The LangAbroad is a stand-alone grant or applicants for LangAbroD Grants may also apply for one of the government grants. The LangAbroD is funded from the CLTA general fund and depends on resources available from the current fiscal year. CLTA encourages teachers who apply for travel/study grants to apply for LangAbroD grants simultaneously. (Scholarship winners are not eligible for LangAbroD grants.) Click on title for requirements.

Cemanahuac Cuernavaca Grant*

The Cemanahuac Educational Community has, for many years, offered scholarships to teachers via national, regional and several state language education organizations, including CLTA.  2018 will be the 19th year of the scholarship program. A special workshop is given for language teachers, July 7-24, 2018 and is a good time to enjoy interaction with other teachers from around the United States. However, it is not necessary that the recipient come at the time of this workshop; he or she can attend at any convenient time in 2018.

The emphasis at Cemanahuac is on improvement of Spanish language ability. The program also includes information about the rich culture and history of Mexico.  Click on title for requirements.

Spanish Embassy Travel/Study Grant*

Last year’s grant was for Salamanca, Spain and included tuition, full board accommodation on campus or with a host family (room sharing), transport to and from Madrid-Salamanca, and some extra-curricular activities. Cost of transportation to and from Spain and personal expenses are the responsibility of the recipient.
This travel/study grant allows a teacher to travel to Spain during the summer. Locations and times may vary each year. Click on title for requirements.

The Consulate is currently waiting for authorization to offer the grant.

French Government Travel/Study Grant*

The French government does not offer a CLTA grant this year.

When the grant is offered this description applies:

The French Government Grants are offered by the French Cultural Services Offices in San Francisco and in Los Angeles. The grant enables the recipient during the summer to attend a seminar (stage) at various centers for approximately 3 weeks during the month of July. It includes tuition and training for three weeks, a round trip train ticket from Paris to the destination city, and a portion the cost of food, lodging. Cost of transportation to and from France is the responsibility of the recipient. Applicants for this grant may also apply for CLTA’s LangAbroad Grant for a travel stipend. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residence and must be currently employed to teacher French language and/or French culture in grades K-12. In the past, two grants have been conferred, one for a teacher in northern California and one for a teacher in southern California. Click on title for requirements.

Quebec Government Travel/Study Grant*

Quebec has not yet approved the program for this year.  WCLTA stays in contact with the Consulate and will announce the grant here if and when it is reinstated.

When the grant is offered, this description applies:

The Quebec Grant, provided by the Quebec Government Office in Los Angles, enables the recipient to reside in the province of Quebec and study during the summer. Included are the cost of tuition, room and board, special activities, and excursions. The recipient is expected to enroll in courses selected from the regular summer offerings. Cost of transportation to and from Quebec is the responsibility of the recipient. In 2010 the three-week course included tuition, room, excursions, materials, and an allotment for food. Click on title for requirements.

Goethe Institut Travel/Study Grant*

The Goethe Institut offers only four grants for the four largest venues.  As soon as CLTA becomes large enough, Goethe may consider our organization for a grant.

When the grant is offered, this description applies:

The Goethe InstitutGrant is provided by the German Government through the Goethe Institut offices in San Francisco. The grant enables the recipient to participate in a two- or four-week language course in Germany during the summer. It includes tuition, lodging, breakfast, and one meal on weekdays, and medical insurance for duration of the course. Cost of transportation to and from Germany is the responsibility of the recipient. The award is given for the summer of the following year.

Italian Government Grant to Attend CLTA Annual Conference*

The Italian government grant is uncertain at this time. CLTA is in contact with the Italian Consulate. There have been few if any CLTA applicants in past years and we are working to find a way to offer scholarships to our members. If you teach Italian and we are able to offer a scholarship, please apply. This will be updated when/if a scholarship is offered.

When the grant is offered, this description may apply:  The Italian Consulate Grant provides this scholarship grant through the Italian Education Office. This is one of several initiatives by the Italian Government to become more involved in supporting Italian instruction in the United States. Due to the recent lack of applicants for the former travel grant (detailed below*), the scholarship grant this year will be for five (5) scholarship grants for $500 each, for the purpose of pursuing professional development by attending the CLTA Annual Conference. Recipients are expected to pre-pay Conference fees and travel costs, and to attend the Awards event (Friday Dinner or Saturday Luncheon) to accept their awards.
*(The previous grant enabled the recipient to reside in university housing and study at the University of Perugia during the summer. Included were tuition, special activities and excursions. The recipient was expected to enroll in courses selected from the regular summer offerings of the university. Cost of transportation to and from Italy was the responsibility of the recipient. Applicants for this grant could also apply for CLTA’s LangAbroD Grant for a travel stipend.)
The Italian grant is now intended for five teachers to receive support to attend the Annual CLTA Conference. So, for example, if $2500 is available, each teacher will receive a $500 supplement. If not enough teachers apply, funds remaining will be awarded to Italian teachers attending the Summer Seminar, but teachers must apply.

The Japan Foundation Travel/Study Grant*

Application Due December 1, 2016 directly to The Japan Foundation. The Japan Foundation Grant is provided by the Los Angeles Center of the Japan Foundation. This grant is for non-native speakers of Japanese in grades K-16 and enables the recipient to attend a Summer Intensive Japanese-Language Training Program in Japan. The goal of the grant is to improve proficiency in Japanese and to gain familiarity with Japanese culture through Japanese language classes, cultural programs, field trips, etc. The grant includes accommodations at the Institute, meals, a daily allowance, transportation allowance (for travel in Japan), a reference books and teaching materials allowance, expenses for field trips in Japan, and overseas travel sickness and accident insurance. Travel to and from Japan is not included. The Japan Foundation would like the candidate(s) to submit the Japan Foundation’s regular application (NOT the CLTA grant application) to their office by the regular deadline Dec. 1, 2016. Start the process early for this grant! Program dates: July 5– August 25, 2016 (tentative), so please be sure you will be able to fulfill the date requirements if you are awarded the grant.

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