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2020 Applications Closed

Last year’s grant was for Salamanca, Spain and included tuition, full board accommodation 20campus or with a host family (room sharing), transport to and from Madrid-Salamanca, and some extra-curricular activities. Cost of transportation to and from Spain and personal expenses are the responsibility of the recipient.
This travel/study grant allows a teacher to travel to Spain during the summer. Locations and times may vary each year. Click on title for requirements.

Requirements: Items 1-6 need to be ready to upload when filling out the online form. Items 7 & 8 are provided in the online form.

1. evidence that the nominee is a member of CLTA. Get email confirmation from (cc on all correspondence)..

2. applicant lives in California or teaches in California (email confirmation from

3. letter written by applicant describing: 1) motivation for applying for this scholarship, 2) how the scholarship will help the applicant to improve his/her teaching skills, and 3) projected impact on the applicants’s students and classroom activities

4. brief professional resumé/CV

5. evidence that the applicant is currently employed as a high school or University teacher of world language other than English

6. a recent photograph of applicant (one copy suitable for display)

7. three letters of recommendation (give a copy of the check list and rubric to those writing recommendation letters)

8. willing to submit a written report for the CLTA newsletter or present a session at CLTA’s Annual Conference next year

9. have not been a recipient of this grant in the previous four years

When you have all the above information ready, click on Application to go to the online application form.

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