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Spread the joy of language learning during National Foreign Language week (generally a week in March) or any time of year!

  • Share MLA’s “Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities” brochure (or another brochure) and have students share key points with parents.
  • Have a “Language Bowl”. Teams of teachers and students compete against each other answering questions about languages and cultures.
  • Share a daily “Multilingualism Matters” fact that alerts students to the importance of learning languages.
  • Have guest speakers who use language in their daily jobs come to the school to discuss the importance of knowing other languages.
  • Have language/culture clubs host international lunches
  • Put up flags of different countries throughout the campus.
  • Have a “Mystery Country Contest” where students are given clues about a country and have to identify the country and locate it on a world map.
  • Play music from around the world or share  language trivia during morning announcements

  • Showcase students’ original haiku in languages taught at your school or spoken at home 

  • Have a film festival featuring student made short films in different languages

  • Put on a multilingual karaoke or lip sync contest

  • Invite alum to be on a virtual or in-person panel to share how they apply their language skills and cultural knowledge in their careers.

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