CLTA continues to offer outstanding awards and travel/study grants for deserving CLTA members. We urge everyone to partake of the numerous exciting professional development opportunities for yourself and to nominate a worthy colleague (and there are many!) for one of the prestigious awards. Our philosophy is that as one is recognized, we all benefit from the recognition. Online application & nomination forms can be found clicking here: Application/Nomination Forms.

If you know of other options for teacher awards or grants, please email Edward Stanko at


Awards nominations/applications are due January 25, 2022,  except where otherwise specified. Be sure to check the specific requirements for each award, scholarship or grant. Questions should be sent to


CLTA welcomes and encourages donations to the Scholarships Fund. These scholarships are directly beneficial to world language and cultures teachers who go the extra step to improve their teaching and subject matter knowledge through travel to the target culture. Please consider nominating a deserving colleague for the Memorial, Sidney Gorman or Sylvia Jones Scholarships. Applications are due January 25, 2022, except where otherwise specified.


The grants listed below have been generously provided in the past. CLTA will include specific dates and possibly changed descriptions, as they become available from the governments. Applications are due January 25, 2022, except where otherwise specified.

Governments and other organizations generously offer a variety of travel/study grants to CLTA members. Travel abroad is generally during the summer. CLTA works closely with the granting entities, but occasionally the detailed information regarding location and dates of travel/study are not made available at the anticipated times, particularly when a consulate does not hear, or if a government is unsure, about whether or not a grant will be awarded. CLTA makes every effort to keep the information up-to-date, so keep checking the site if your desired grant deadline and information is not posted.

Responsibilities of the grantee:

• Transportation and related extra costs not specifically specified in the grant (CLTA urges applicants to apply for LangAbroD grants at the same time you apply for a grant)
• Awardees are expected to contact the governments as soon as they are awarded a grant, to ascertain all the particulars regarding their grant
• In all cases, CLTA asks that grant recipients share their experience, either by writing an article to be included on the CLTA website (Awardees may also consider submitting a proposal to share their experience as an interest session at the following CLTA Conference – If the proposal is accepted and the awardee presents, the required article for the newsletter will be waived if the awardee desires)