Each year the Awards Committee chooses a truly extraordinary world language
and culture educator who will participate in the Teacher of the Year program. The
CLTA TOY first competes at the regional level at the Southwest Conference on
Language Teaching (SWCOLT) which is held annually in one of the member states. The
winner of the Regional Level goes on to the American Conference on the Teaching of
Foreign Languages (ACTFL) level, held at the annual ACTFL Convention & Expo at one
of the member states. CLTA TOYs are chosen from a short list of former and current
Outstanding Teachers and Teacher Leaders, and others who demonstrate the qualities
most likely to be recognized at the Regional and National levels. The winner must
submit a professional portfolio, including video, and participate in a rigorous
interview process on both levels. The application by CLTA and the portfolio deadline
for submission are typically November and January, so keep checking this site.