Sylvia Jones was a teacher, a supervisor, a CLTA past president and Conference Coordinator, and California Foreign Language Project (now CWLP) leader, in addition to her other many remarkable achievements. The Sylvia Jones Memorial Scholarship supports one or more mid-career teachers to attend the Summer Seminar each year. Sylvia’s remarkable life is immortalized with this legacy scholarship founded according to her wishes by her husband, Vernon, and her son, Norman. The scholarship provides financial support to teachers who have been teaching languages between 10-20 years. The number of teachers and the amount that each teacher is awarded each year is dependent on revenue generated by the legacy and by contributions.

Requirements: All items need to be ready to upload when filling out the online application form.

  1. letter written by applicant describing: describing 1) the CLTA event that funds will be used for, 2) motivation for applying for this grant
  2. evidence from transcripts or other documents that applicant is enrolled as a sophomore or junior in college. Some exceptions may be made for seniors. 

To request the application for this award, send an email to


Qualified applicants will be selected by the Summer Seminar co-coveners. Awards have been as much as $200. Recipients will be advised of the exact amount upon notification. 

For scholarship questions, contact Margaret Peterson { or Tanya Zaccone (