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Program Description:

The scholarship is available to high school teachers who are currently teaching AP® Spanish Language and Culture, or who plan to teach it in the near future.

The recipient of the Centro Mundolengua Summer Scholarship has the ability to choose where he/she would like to study. Centro Mundolengua is providing an AP® Spanish language and culture program for teachers in Seville and Madrid. The scholarship recipient can choose whichever program he/she prefers. In these wonderful historic centers of Spain, teachers can learn about the latest teaching resources, integration of language skills, and AP® program goals.

These are the only programs for teachers in Spain endorsed by the College Board. Our main goal is to ensure that the recipient of this scholarship learns pertinent information to be brought back and shared with his/her students.

(CLTA NOTE: For either program, a LangAbroD scholarship for $300 from CLTA will be awarded to the recipient to defray non-covered expenses.)  



  • In Seville, teachers have the option to join us for 1 or 2 weeks
  • The 1st week will be cultural activities ONLY
  • The 2nd week will be a mix of the workshop classes+ cultural activities
  • Dates for the 2-weeks option: June 16th arrival-29th departure
  • Dates for the 1-week option: June 23rd arrival-29th departure


  • Dates: June 30th arrival-July 6th departure for the AP® Spanish Language and Culture Madrid: 


Structure and Goals for All Programs:

In class teachers will learn how to:

  • Create and share communicative activities
  • Modify existing curricula
  • Holistically assess their students’ competencies in Spanish
  • Incorporate literary works from the AP® Spanish Literature reading list
  • Accurately assess students´ progress

Activities and Cultural Visits in Seville:

Afternoon activities may include: Royal Palace, Cathedral, Plaza España, ancient Jewish quarter, flamenco museum, flamenco dance lessons, cooking classes, and more. Nighttime activities may include: tapas nights, group dinners, wine tastings, concerts at the Royal Palace, flamenco shows, outdoor cinema, art and culture expos, and more.

Activities and Cultural Visits in Madrid:

Afternoon activities may include: Prado, Reina Sofia, Royal Palace, Thyssen, literary tour, flamenco lessons, cooking classes, and more.  Nighttime activities may include: tapas nights, group dinners, wine tastings, concerts, flamenco shows, outdoor cinema, art and culture expos, and more.

Package Includes:

  • 30 hours of AP® Spanish development
  • Cultural activities
  • 24-hour support
  • Class materials
  • College Board certificate

Expenses Not Included:

  • Room and board is not included
  • Airfare
  • Weekend excursions
  • Medical expenses / Insurance
  • Graduate credits (optional)
  • Nighttime activities

Selection criteria:

Applications are open to high school teachers who are also CLTA members and who are currently teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture, or who plan to teach the course in the near future.

For more information, please visit the CENTRO  MUNDOLENGUA website at:

Requirements: Items 1-6 need to be ready to upload when filling out the online form. Items 7 & 8 are provided in the online form.

  1. Evidence that the nominee is a member of CLTA. Get email confirmation from (cc on all correspondence)
  2. Applicant lives in California or teaches in California (email confirmation from membership@clta)
  3. Letter written by applicant describing: 1) motivation for applying for this scholarship, 2) how the scholarship will help the applicant to improve his/her teaching skills, and 3) projected impact on the applicants’ students and classroom activities
  4. Brief professional resumé/CV
  5. Evidence that the applicant is currently employed as a teacher of world language other than English
  6. A recent photograph of applicant (one copy suitable for display)
  7. Three letters of recommendation (give a copy of the check list and rubric to those writing recommendation letters)
  8. Willing to present a session at CLTA’s Annual Conference next year
  9. Have not been a recipient of this grant in the previous four years

When you have all the above information ready, click on Application to go to the online application form.

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