Sidney Gorman’s family established this scholarship to honor Sidney, who served as Foreign Language Teacher in Alameda County. Sidney’s contributions to the profession were cut short by her untimely death. She had a tremendous impact on the professional lives of many of our colleagues, especially those new teachers in need of mentoring. The scholarship provides financial support to enable new teachers (who have been teaching for fewer than 5 years) to improve their competency and skills in language teaching and to augment their knowledge of culture and language through participation in CLTA’s annual statewide conference. This scholarship is funded through the generous contributions of Sidney’s family as well as contributions from Sidney’s friends and colleagues in CLTA.

Requirements: All items need to be ready to upload when filling out the online application form.

  1. applicant should apply as soon as possible before the event; check with Awards Chair (below) for deadlines for each event
  2. evidence that the applicant is a current member of CLTA. Get email confirmation from (cc on all correspondence).
  3. letter written by applicant describing: describing motivation for applying for this grant
  4. evidence from applicant’s employer that 1) the applicant is currently employed as a teacher of world languages other that English, 2) that the applicant has been teaching a world language other than English for no more than four years, and 3) that the applicant is not receiving any support from his/her school to attend the CLTA.
  5. a recent photograph of applicant (one copy suitable for display)

Online Nomination form can be found here: Application/Nomination Form


Selected applicants will be advised of the amount the award at time of selection.  Upon completion of the event, the recipient will submit receipts for expenses to CLTA Treasurer,, for reimbursement up to the amount awarded. Allowable expenses are registration, hotel, meals, and transportation to a CLTA function.

For scholarship questions, contact Edward Stanko ( .


Last updated: 7/1/2021