The 2021 CLTA-CWLP Summer Seminar

This year’s theme:

The Socially Just World Language Classroom: Social-Emotional Learning and Framework-Aligned Practices

The 32nd annual CLTA-CWLP Summer Seminar will be July 16-21 this year. Given that we are still under COVID restrictions, the seminar will be virtual. We are working on a fabulous list of Keynote speakers, to be announced once they are finalized.

As for past seminars, we will offer diverse strands. Participants will meet in the morning for a keynote address, followed by time in strands. This year’s Summer Seminar strands will be as follows:

Strand AEquitable Practices for Social Justice: High-Leverage Framework-Aligned Instructional Practices. The facilitators for this strand are Christine Lanphère and Nicole Naditz.

Strand BGlobally Competent Teacher Practices in the Socially Just World Language Classroom. The facilitators for this strand are Ryan Bosson and Helga Fasciano.

Strand CProject-Based Language Learning: A Pathway for Wellness in the Socially Just Classroom. The facilitators for this strand are Luz Griselda Ramírez and Anna Chavez.

Strand DEmpowering the Chinese Classroom through Social Justice and Social Emotional Learning. The facilitators for this strand are Ying Jin and Zoey Liu.

Strand EFrom Empathy to Action: Social Justice in the Japanese Classroom. The facilitators for this strand are Yo Azama and Dr. Yoshiko Saito-Abbott.

Strand FMarcando una Diferencia: The Spanish Class as a Critical Vehicle for Social Transformation. The facilitators for this strand are Dr. Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz and Antonio Tunzi.

Strand GAuthentic Voices, Authentic Resources: Social-Emotional Learning and Social Justice in the French classroom. The facilitator for this strand is Catherine Ousselin.

Strand HSTARTALK—Leadership Development for Teachers of Critical Languages and Cultures. The facilitators for this strand are Hélène Chan, Liz Matchett, Sally Mearns and Toni Thiesen. APPLY FOR STARTALK

Strand ICoaching Tools and Mindfulness Practices for Work and Life. The facilitators for this strand are Tonja Byrom, Svetlana Lazarova, and Brandon Zazlow.

Student StrandTeach to become an agent of change. The facilitators for this strand are Mireille McNabb and Michael Vossen. APPLY FOR STUDENT STRAND

And of course, no Summer Seminar could ever be complete without some times for fun and networking! Even though we cannot be together on the UCSB campus this summer, we will nevertheless plan for some social activities designed to allow us to enjoy time together.

And next year, we will return to Santa Barbara for the 33rd annual Summer Seminar!

We look forward to our time together with you! Please mark your calendars, and stay posted! We will soon have more details for you about the keynote speakers, and much more!

With our best wishes for staying healthy and safe,

Don & Margaret

Don Doehla & Margaret Peterson

Director, Summer Seminar Executive Director, CWLP


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Cost of Seminar:

  • $350 per person
  • $450 per person includes 3 CEUs (CEUs are equivalent to Quarter units, not Semester units).