Duties of the Awards Chair

  • The Awards Chair is responsible for correspondence and record-keeping for awards and internal CLTA
    scholarships. The Executive Director is responsible for correspondence and record-keeping for Government and Foundation scholarship grants.
  • With the Membership Chair, verify eligibility of those nominated or those who apply for any of the grants, awards, scholarships under the administration of the Association as well as those given by other groups
    (i.e. government grants by the Spanish, French, German governments, foundations) who ask that the
    Association act as their agent to determine the most appropriate recipient of such scholarships.
  • Keep a list of pertinent information regarding all nominations for awards on the preferred system (currently google docs) and share with executive director, conference coordinator and others as necessary.
  • Prepare announcements of awards and grants for publicity purposes (newsletters, eblasts, etc.); and working in conjunction with the Executive Director and others (Webmaster, Registrar, Conference Coordinator),
    prepare a timeline for when announcements need to go out to the members.
  • Convene a committee to read all of the awards & grant applications and decide on the winners.  The committee should include the Local Awards Chair, at least one former award winner and a representative from the northern and southern part of the state.
  • Notify all those who apply for grants/scholarships and those who nominate others for awards as to the final decision of the Awards Committee, acknowledging each one’s participation in this activity.
  • Purchase and prepare appropriate awards materials, such as plaques and/or certificates acknowledging the recipients award.
  • Prepare awards insert with pictures and a short write-up on each winner and send it to the Program Chair so that s/he can include the awards in the CLTA Information Booklet.  Check with the Program Chair for the deadline for the insert.
  • Write a general information article summarizing award outcomes after each conference for the newsletter, as well as an abbreviated version for the scheduled “CLTA Voices” e-blast.
  • Follow-up on the scholarship and government grant winners by requesting and receiving an article or other information which will be published in the Association’s Newsletter.
  • Send a thank-you note to Local Awards Chair and Awards Committee Participants.
  • Present Awards at the Sunday Brunch.