Expressions: Student Edition Video Speech Competition

2021- A Mosaic of Multicultural Perspectives 

Submission Deadline- February 15th, 2021 


The global pandemic of 2020 caused historic changes to every aspect of daily life all around the world. In this challenging time, learning another language and culture is as important as ever. 

Languages build bridges across people and communities all over the planet which unites us in the fabric of society. CLTA wants to hear the stories of California students from grades kindergarten through twelve who have adapted, grown, and persevered toward language proficiency and cultural competency in the face of unprecedented obstacles. 

We invite you to submit your recorded speeches in your native language or in the target language you are currently learning. Tell us about your journey as a language learner. All video submissions will be recognized and some may be featured in our annual conference which this year begins on the 28th of February, 2021. Please join us and be part of this incredible experience! 

Video submissions that are deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated and reported if necessary. 

: As a student in the digital era, submit a video response no longer than three (3) minutes, responding to one (or more) of the following prompts. Only one video submission per student. Students must be a current student in the state of California in the K-12 system. 
Submit the video of your speech at the following Flipgrid; Code- 1e51e29e 


  1. What positive outcomes have you experienced from the adjustments you made in your learning process during this pandemic? What have you noticed about abilities in language and communication?
  2. What new habits and methods of learning, practicing and expanding your language and cultural abilities you would recommend to your peers? What strategies or exercises would you suggest for those wanting to learn a new language?
  3. How have you and your teachers worked through the new challenges to make learning both fun and effective?
  4. Why is it more important now than ever to learn other languages? What do you love most about the language you are currently learning?
  5. What do you see as the future of language learning, given the distance learning strategies that have become popular? How will students learn a new language in the future?