Interested in Teaching Languages and Cultures?
Please Apply for this Exciting Opportunity

(College Sophomores and Juniors are encouraged to apply)

The California Language Teachers’ Association 
Each Year The California World Language Project 

Summer Student Workshop on Language Teaching for Prospective World Language and Cultural Teachers

In conjunction with the Annual Summer Seminar for Language Teachers
held in July  at the
University of California, Santa Barbara

The Student Strand offers a program especially designed to introduce language majors and minors to world language education as a viable career option.

The Student Workshop focuses on exploring teaching world languages in the context of teaching languages and cultures in our increasingly diverse society and global economy. This involves examining teaching strategies and lesson design, and interacting with language professionals who will share their experiences, philosophies and knowledge with prospective language teachers. Participants also explore different pathways to becoming certified teachers of world languages and cultures and the support mechanisms that exist to help them navigate the application processes, entrance exams and related credentialing programs’ tuition costs.

CLTA and CWLP collaborate in leveraging funds to cover the Summer Seminar’s program costs, so registration, lodging and meals are covered for all student participants (transportation not included).

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