May 11, 2018

Here is the latest news for you from the California Department of Education

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Here is the latest news for you! 

California World Languages Content Standards 

The World Language (WL) Standards Advisory Committee will meet May 24-25, 2018. To stay apprised of progress on the WL Standards, visit the World Language Standards Web page on the California Department of Education (CDE) Web site, where you will find a timeline and additional up to date information. 

Apply to Participate in a World Languages Framework Focus Group

Now that the WL Standards revision is in progress, it is time to prepare for the creation of the 2020 California World Languages Framework. Please consider participating in the focus groups to be held at the outset of this process. We hope to recruit a diverse group of participants representing all sectors and specializations of WL teaching.

Have a major impact on WL teaching tools, approaches, and techniques statewide! There is still time to apply to participate in a focus group that will inform the content and guidance of the WL Framework. Please note that focus group meetings are planned for the following dates and locations:

August 16, 2018– San Diego County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)

August 22, 2018– Santa Clara County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)

August 29, 2018– CDE in Sacramento (4–6 p.m.) and via videoconference at the Humboldt and Tulare County Offices of Education

September 12, 2018– Los Angeles County Office of Education (4–6 p.m.)

You will select only one location when you complete the online application on the World Languages Framework Web page. Apply as soon as possible, and please encourage colleagues to apply as well. Please note there are just days left to apply!

The online application will remain available on the World Languages Framework Web page through May 21, 2018.  

Global Education and Empathy: Contributing to a Kinder World

Do you teach 7 to 11 year olds? The KIND Foundation is funding Empatico, a multi-year $20 million initiative to connect students around the globe. It’s a free online learning tool that builds broader world views through meaningful interactions with peers. Empatico’s mission is to make it possible for children worldwide to connect and share, and by giving them this opportunity to meaningfully interact with one another, to create a lifetime of positive change.

Leading technologists, passionate teachers and global education experts have collaborated to develop the beta version of Empatico, which is now available. Teachers are invited to test the tool, share feedback, and help optimize Empatico for their classroom needs. 

Teacher Recruitment: ‘Make the Switch’ Campaign

To put a spotlight on mid-career professionals who have become teachers, the CDE is planning the launch of a publicity campaign called “Make the Switch: Become a Teacher,” which features video profiles of individuals who have made the switch, as well as resources letting people know how to become a teacher. If someone you know has switched careers to become a teacher, please be aware that nominations are currently being sought for the video campaign. You can read more about this campaign on the Superintendent’s Initiatives Web page.

Perhaps you know someone you think would be a good candidate to become a teacher, either a mid-career professional, military veteran, or a young person. Please let them know how they can make the switch by directing them to resources at the CDE or other Web sites including the Teach California Web site and the California Center on Teaching Careers.

November 18, 2017

CALIFORNIA’S YING JIN NAMED 2018 ACTFL TOY!  “CLTA is proud to announce the new ACTFL Teacher of the Year – Chinese teacher Ying Jin from Cupertino! Congratulations Ying!”

Great news for California! Our CLTA/SWCOLT nominee for ACTFL Teacher of the Year, Ying Jin, is the new ACTFL TOY.

According to the ACTFL Press Release: NASHVILLE—The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is pleased to announce the 2018 National Language Teacher of the Year has been awarded to Ying Jin, a Chinese teacher at Cupertino High School in the Fremont Union High School District in Cupertino, CA, and a representative of the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT). The award presentation was held during the Opening General Session of the 2017 ACTFL Convention & World Languages Expo in Nashville on Friday, Nov. 17.

To find out more about the new ACTFL Teacher of the Year go to the ACTFL website [here

November 14, 2017

Japanese teacher alert! Your application for the short-term Summer Study grant from the Japan Foundation is Due December 1 (not postmarked, due in their office). For more information click HERE.

Time is running out for nominating a student for CLTA/CIEE Student of the Year. Applications due December 1st. For the link click here and for more information about the Student of the Year competition, please contact Tanya at