CLTA Monthly News Brief from Executive Director

December 2016

 by Tanya Zaccone


Peace and Happiness to you and yours this season and all year long!   

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Conference Monterey February 15-18, 2017

Not to be missed over the long week-end. Bring family and friends and stay an extra day! It’s early so make your plans now. See a preview HERE.

CLTA and FLAMCO (Foreign Language Association of Monterey County) present “Linguistic Growth Mindset: Cultivating a Future of Global Innovators.” Go to registration, hotel information and more.

Conference Registration Form for Webinar Workshop

If you are interested in applying for the Conference Webinar Workshop hosted by Nicole Naditz and Christine Lanphere, please use this link to apply:


Please check out Awards and Grants on this website. Japan Foundation application window has closed. Others that are offered are due to CLTA January 15, 2017.


Love to overhear folks speaking in various languages in the grocery store? Good news! Proposition 58 passed handily – there will be more opportunity for bilingual and immersion programs in California, which is definitely good news for our students, more of whom will have the opportunity to become bilingual, trilingual and more.

Coming up: SWCOLT Conference in Oklahoma City

Here is another professional development opportunity for world language and culture teachers March 2-4, 2017 from the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching in Oklahoma City. (CLTA is under SWCOLT umbrella; SWCOLT is under ACTFL umbrella.)Register here if you are interested and able to go, or just check it out:

Ying Jinwill represent California at SWCOLT Conference

A CLTA Outstanding Teacher 2016, Ying Jin, teacher of Chinese language and culture in Sunnyvale, and Lead Educator for STARTALK from 2013-2016, will compete for SWCOLT Teacher of the Year (TOY). We are cheering for you, Ying!

 Speaking of SWCOLT – how about our own Paula Hirsch!

Long-time CLTA Conference Coordinator Paula Hirsch is the current SWCOLT President-elect/Program Chair. So do the grammar and the math and what do we have – a soon-to-be SWCOLT President from California, Paula Hirsch. CLTA depends on Paula to keep everything straight, in order, appropriate and legal regarding Conference – and SoCal Jamboree. Well done, Paula!

ACTFL in Boston a fond memory

If you had a chance to participate in the 2016 ACTFL IMPACTFL Conference, you know how exceptional it was. Keynote speaker for the Opening General Session, Mike Walsh, spoke about “The Language Factor: Impacting the Future.” Well, that was impressive, scary, impossible and real. Ideas just exploded from there.

CLTA/CWLP Summer Seminar at UC Santa Barbara 2017

We have dates! July 14–19, 2017.

California Department of Education (C.D.E.): California Global Education Network

Global Education? Really? Yes, really! Look for a California Global Education Network publication coming soon from the California Department of Education. Can you say, “potential to transform education for good, better and best?”

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Board Meetings

The next Board meeting is in San Jose on January 7, 2017.

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