CLTA is pleased to offer a variety of awards and grants this year.

Deadline: January 31, 2012

Awards - See descriptions of awards.

 Awards provide recognition to individual CLTA members who make significant contributions to the teaching of languages. With the exception of the President's Award, nominations are submitted by any CLTA member (other than the nominee) or by a CLTA affiliate. See descriptions of awards. Please note that we continue to confirm these awards as notification arrives.

Outstanding Teacher Award
Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Outstanding Teacher Leader Award
Hal Wingard Lifetime Achievement Award
President's Award
**Download form, open with Adobe Reader, fill in blanks, print.

Grants - See grant descriptions. - Some grants are not yet confirmed for 2012. Each grant recipient is either required to be present at the Saturday luncheon, or  to send a pre-recorded thank you message on DVD to acknowledge the generous support of  the governments and foundations that fund these grants.

Grants are made to CLTA members who apply for support in pursuing projects that contribute to their professional development. Grants are requested by individual application. See grant descriptions.

French Government Grant to study in France (for a No. Cal. teacher) - Confirmed - See grant descriptions.
French Government Grant to study in France (for a So. Cal. teacher) - Confirmed - See grant descriptions
Goethe Institut Grant to study in Germany (Award is for summer 2013) - Confirmed - See grant descriptions
Spanish Embassy Grant to study in Spain - Confirmed - See grant descriptions
Quebec Grant to study in Quebec - Confirmed - See grant descriptions
Japan Foundation Grant to study in Japan - Confirmed - See grant descriptions
Italian Government Grant to study in Italy - Confirmed - See grant descriptions.
Memorial Scholarship for travel/study custom designed by the applicant - See grant descriptions
Sydney Gorman Scholarship for teachers who are in the first four years of teaching to attend CLTA Conference or other CLTA professional development activity - See grant descriptions
LangAbroad Grant for travel expenses associated with study abroad. You may apply for this grant by itself or to accompany the other grants. - See grant descriptions
**Download form, open with Adobe Reader, fill in blanks, print.
*Presentation of grant is contingent upon receiving grant from respective government agency.
Selection of award and grant recipients (with the exception of the President's Award) is made by CLTA's Awards Committee. Announcement of recipients takes place at CLTA's Annual Conference.
 Apply Early
Completed Nominations/Applications sent as a PDF file no later than
January 31, 2012.

For awards questions, contact Carol Moir by phone at 805-688-3339 or by email to (e-mail preferred).