CLTA Mission Statement

CLTA’s mission is to provide support, leadership and vision
for quality World Language and Culture teaching and learning in California.

Rationale for how we developed this mission for our members:

1) We believe that support for all world language teachers in their classrooms is our number one goal.
2) We believe that as teachers develop leadership skills, the teacher, the learning, the classroom environment and the profession are strengthened
3) We believe that as we support our teachers, as a group we will all develop highervision for the profession (to provide vision…)
4) We believe that our Conference, Jamborees and Symposiums, and other activities should always provide a high level of professionalism that reflects best practices and current research.
5) We believe that as we implement this vision, our learners in California will reap the benefits and be able to take their rightful place in their future personal, cultural and professional endeavors in our ever-shrinking world.