Learning World Languages and Cultures in California: A Stimulus for Academic and Economic Success

Authored by the California Foreign Language Project (CFLP) staff, this publication identifies the status and importance of world language education in California and provides recommendations for strengthening California’s economy, preparing students academically to successfully to compete in the global economy of the 21st Century. The report argues that an investment in World Languages and Cultures study is critical in order to increase students’ academic achievement, promote international cooperation, provide effective social services for all citizens and market California’s products across the globe.

This publication is available at no charge in PDF format on the CFLP site. You can download the entire report here.

JNCL-NCLIS Executive Summary

The Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (NCLIS) is our voice in Washington and is made up of over forty professional organizations in the country. CLTA maintains its membership in JNCL and sends representatives to its delegate assembly each year in Washington, D.C., to make your concerns known. (Your CLTA dues at work for you.) JNCL-NCLIS has provided us the an executive summary of the latest developments in language education in Washington. See the executive summary.

According to statistics released in 2004, 1 out of every 6 jobs created in the world is an international job. (Trimnell, 2004)