The CENTRO MUNDOLENGUA Grant offers a wonderful opportunity for a Spanish AP Teacher to participate in CENTRO MUNDOLENGUA‘s AP Summer Institute for Teachers in Sevilla, Spain, from (please look for dates for 2016). This is an accredited AP program. Teachers who are not currently teaching AP, but plan to in the future may also apply for the grant. CENTRO MUNDOLENGUA‘s Institute offers AP Spanish Language & Culture. The grant includes tuition, room and board with a Spanish family (an individual room), course materials, College Board certificate, cultural activities in Sevilla, and a welcome breakfast and farewell dinner. The Grant does not include airfare, personal spending money or the additional fee necessary to obtain graduate university credits. In summer 2015, the graduate credit fee was $325 for three semester credits from The University of California at Riverside. The value of this scholarship is $2,000. For more information, please visit the CENTRO  MUNDOLENGUA website at:

Requirements: Items 1-6 need to be ready to upload when filling out the online form. Items 7 & 8 are provided in the online form.

1. evidence that the applicant has been a member of CLTA for 2 years, current and preceding years. Get email confirmation from

2. applicant lives in California or teaches in California (email confirmation from membership@clta)

3. letter written by applicant describing: 1) motivation for applying for this scholarship, 2) how the scholarship will help the applicant to improve his/her teaching skills, and 3) projected impact on the applicants’s students and classroom activities

4. brief professional resumé/CV

5. evidence that the applicant is currently employed as a teacher of world language other than English

6. a recent photograph of applicant (one copy suitable for display)

7. three letters of recommendation (give a copy of the check list and rubric to those writing recommendation letters)

8. willing to submit a written report for the CLTA newsletter or present a report to the membership at CLTA’s Annual Conference next year

9. have not been a recipient of this grant in the previous four years


When you have all the above information ready, click on Application to go to the online application form.