Important June Dates:

  •  June 6-9, 2017

4-Day ACTFL OPI Workshop at LARC-SDSU

The Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) will host an American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) sponsored Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) workshop this summer and is only one of four institutions to offer this training. The workshops will take place June 6-9, 2017 at San Diego State University and will offer training for Arabic, Chinese, English/Mixed Languages, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

Information and Registration Link:

Important July Dates:

  • July 14-19

Summer Seminar 2017 in Santa Barbara is just around the corner, July 14-19!

2017 Summer Seminar Brochure

Register online now  for 2017 Summer Seminar. 

Registration only:  $650
Double Occupancy: $1,150
Single Occupancy:  $1,250

Already Registered and you want to pay? Click on the link: Pay for Summer Seminar 2017

Know a University student who is thinking about teaching a world language?  Use the Summer Seminar Student Strand Nominator’s Packet  to nominate him/her. He/She can download the Student Application  to find out more about the program.

View the Student Strand page here.



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