The California Language Teachers' Association

October, 2011

Dear Foreign Language Educational Marketer, School Districts, and Friends of CLTA:

California Language Teacher’s Association (CLTA) is one of the premiere language organizations in the United States and is looked to for innovative ideas, informative articles, and as a source for recruiting foreign language teachers.  Yearly, literally hundreds of thousands of foreign language educators in California, across the United States and abroad access our website and our newsletters.  Your company or organization will benefit from the visibility our website, and from our pre-conference and conference program which arrives in the hands of hundreds of teachers.  In addition, our email news updates are sent to thousands of language teachers throughout California.  Let us help meet your needs.  We offer four ways to get your message out!

1. Our CLTA  Message and Updates are sent out to more than 3000 members on the internet twice a month.  Please join us as a “sponsor.”  Your name and a direct link to your organization will be provided at the end of the message, giving continuous access to your ad through the number of hits as mentioned above.  A benefit to you…and a help to our teachers!  Deadline:  On-going.

2. Our CLTA Website receives 3,000-5,000 hits per month.  Join us for a month and advertise your conference, your product, or a teaching position.  Your name and a direct link to your organization will be provided an the end of the webpage, giving continuous access to your company or organization.

3. Advertise your business, your need, or your skill in our Pre-conference Program. Deadline October 15, 2012. More than 1500 direct hardcopy mailings.

4. Advertise your business, your need, or your skill  in our Conference Programthat attendees will receive in Los Angeles. The visibility is tremendous since the Conference is one of the largest Foreign Language Conferences in the United States. Deadline:  January 25, 2012

5. Sponsor our CONFERENCE REGISTRATION page.  Your name and contact with a small ad will appear every single time that someone registers on-line.
$3000 for exclusive sponsorship
$1000 for shared sponsorships

Download advertising rates.

We look forward to fulfilling your advertising needs. 
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Nadine Elwood  (
CLTA  Newsletter Ad Manager