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30th Annual Summer Seminar for Language Teachers

The New World Languages Standards: Pathway to Global California 2030
July 19th – 24th, 2019
University of California, Santa Barbara


Registration Deadline:  Postmarked or Uploaded by June 9, 2019

For questions and further information, please send an e-mail to:
worldlanguagesummerseminar@gmail.com or call: (650) 736-9042

More information click HERE.

Student Strand – Summer Student Workshop on Language Teaching for Prospective World Language and Cultural Teachers

We are pleased to announce that the California Language Teachers’ Association (CLTA) and the California World Language Project are again co-sponsoring the Student  Workshop at the Summer Seminar this coming summer. The 30th Annual Summer Seminar and Student Workshop will take place at the University of California, Santa Barbara from July 19-24, 2019 and will offer a program especially designed to introduce language majors and minors to world language education as a viable career option.  For more information click HERE.