San Diego is…

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Vibrant, diverse, charming, relaxed, arts-supporting, cosmopolitan, high-tech, proud, revitalized, climate-perfect ……..

When I asked ten different San Diego residents what one word would they use to describe their city, the above ten adjectives were the words that came to mind. So how can a city be both cosmopolitan and charming at the same time? San Diego is a city of many contrasts, rich in history dating as far back as 1542, when Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed into San Diego Bay, and extremely modern in its downtown architecture and high-tech, biochemistry firms.

San Diego is …… the second-largest city in the state of California and the seventh largest city in the nation. But what is San Diego other than these statistics?

San Diego is …… a vibrant and revitalized city, diverse in its ethnical make-up, and yet it has a small-town feel when you walk through its various neighborhoods, each with its own charm. You can sample Pho in Little Saigon, visit historical homes in Old Town and Mission Hills, buy olive oil in Little Italy, or go window-shopping at the pricey boutiques in La Jolla.

San Diego is …… a city blessed with near-perfect climate year-round and offers easy access to beaches, the mountains, and the desert. You can relax on a sailboat in the bay, go hiking in the mountains near Julian, and view the wild flowers in Borrego Springs, all during the same weekend!

San Diego is …… a proud city, proud of its military ties and facilities, of its major universities (UCSD, CSU, and USD, to name a few), of its first-class Opera and Symphony, of its high-tech companies such as Qualcomm, and of its hometown team the Chargers.

San Diego is …… host of the 2014 CLTA Conference! Come and enjoy all of the amenities this “City by the Bay” and “America’s Finest City” has to offer.