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Teacher Lesson Plan Sheet
By Carol Hoffman
Glendale Unified School District


Recetas en Español

Language: Spanish
Level: Second Year
Grade Level: 9-12
Background information:

I give this lesson after having students participate in an annual school fundraiser. My second year students write up bilingual (Spanish/English) recipe cards for two of their favorite cookie recipes from their native culture. They then bake the cookies, arrange them decoratively for the holiday season, and after attaching the bilingual recipe cards to the beautifully wrapped cookies, donate them to our parent booster group to sell at their annual Tour of Homes Fundraiser. The students have just learned the formal and informal commands, so they are asked to write the Spanish version of the recipe using one of these command forms. They are given a vocabulary study sheet that supplies them with all of the liquid and dry cooking measurements in metric, common cookie ingredients, and the cooking terminology that they will need to complete this activity.




  1. Hand out a vocabulary study sheet that deals with cooking terminology if the students have not covered this information in their textbook.
  2. Have students answer the student activity sheet in Spanish.
  3. You may want to translate the student activity sheet into Spanish before giving it to the students if you have block periods or if you have an advanced class.
  4. Advanced students should be encouraged to take advantage of the extension activities.



By Carol Hoffman
Glendale Unified School District


Recetas en Español


The Activity:

In this activity we will be visiting a web site for recipes in Spanish. Students will be using their recall, worksheets and grammar skills to create authentic, Spanish/Hispanic dessert recipes for catering to both small and large parties.

Pre-reading/Recall: (All answers should be recorded in Spanish, por favor).

  1. List at least 5 units of liquid metric measurement used for cooking.
  2. List at least 5 metric units of measurement for dry cooking ingredients.
  3. List at least 5 infinitive verbs that you might need to use in the kitchen or for cooking.




  1. Go to the web site: and select an authentic Spanish/Hispanic dessert recipe that sounds interesting.
  2. Read the recipe carefully and write down any of the ingredients, units of measurement, or instructions that you don't understand.
  3. Use a dictionary or your "cooking terminology worksheet" to define these words.




  1. Copy the recipe, changing the verbs to formal (usted) commands:
  2. How would the required measurements of the ingredients change if you had to double the recipe for a small dinner party?
  3. How would the measurements change if you had to triple the recipe for a slightly larger party?
  4. If one recipe of the recipe costs $8.75 to prepare, how much would it cost to double the recipe in order to cater a small party? How much would it cost to triple the recipe to cater to a slightly larger group of people?
  5. Which of the following instructions do you recognize from the recipe you choose? Circle them.


      batir añadir mezclar agregar agitar


      colocar pelear hervir hornear calentar


      cortar rallar cocinar preparar enfriar


      cubrir poner guisar freír servir



  6. Write at least a five sentence description of the dessert you choose in Spanish. Be sure to include what the recipe is called, what the main ingredients are, whether you feel it is difficult or easy to prepare, and whether you would recommend this recipe to a friend



Your teacher may ask you to do one or more of the following:


  1. Prepare 3 portions of the recipe to sell for the Spanish Club at International Day. Try to determine the price you would have to charge each of your clients in order to make a 10% profit. Write a short paragraph explaining your experience and whether or not you were able to reach your goal.


  1. Create a bilingual recipe card for the recipe you chose. Be sure to create a decorative border for the holiday season. Use two separate 4" x 6" cards, one for each language. Be sure to use formal (usted) commands when writing up your project.


  1. Create a video with one or two other students using the format of one of the popular television cooking shows. (If you have cable, consult the cooking channel for creative ideas). Pick one of the recipes someone in your group has worked on in the lesson above. Film each step of preparation for the cookie recipe. Be sure to be creative and include as much humor as you can. The video should not exceed 5 minutes.

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