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El Tiempo en Chile



What information would you expect to find in a weather report?



List in Spanish weather conditions for today in our community.





A. In this activity you will be visiting four websites for the weather and a converter for Celsius to Fahrenheit temperatures.

1. Go to the following website

2. Where is Chile located?

3. Why do these temperatures and weather conditions exist during this time of year?

B. Select a city from the map and write the following info in Spanish; maximum and minimum temperatures for the 2 days and the weather conditions for both days.

C. Then convert the temperatures for your city to Fahrenheit degrees. Go to for the conversion table.

1. Did you find all of the weather information that you expected in #1?

2. Put a check mark beside each item in #1 that you found.

3. List the cognates that you found.

4. List words not similar in English, but that you understood from the illustrations.

5. List words that you did not understand.

Repeat #2 and #3 with four other cities.




1. List the cities and their temperatures (Fahrenheit) in order from highest maximum to lowest maximum.



2. Discuss in Spanish with a friend which 2 cities you will visit for these two days and decide what activities and clothing you will bring depending on the weather.



APPLICATIONS: Your teacher may ask you to do one or both of the following activities.

1. In Spanish create for a newspaper a weather map for a state of your choice, other than the state in which you live, label 5 cities and illustrate their weather conditions with maximum and minimum in Celsius. Go to the following website

2. In Spanish create and present a 3-day weather report for a city in North or South America. Go to the following website


Sra. Miele
Language: Spanish
Level: 1
Grade level: 7-12





Computer with access to the world wide web or overheads of the web pages or handouts and newspapers with weather reports for the US, North America and South America.

Standards Addressed:

1.1: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information,express feelings and emotions,and exchange opinions

1.2: Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.

1.3: Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.

2.1:Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied

3.1: Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language.


Multiple Intelligences Addressed:




  1. Ask students to list what information one might find in a weather report.
  2. Ask students to list the weather conditions that they know in Spanish. The students will share their lists with each other.
  3. Instruct students to go to
  4. Ask the students to find the information that is requested.
  5. The students will look for cognates to help them understand and interpret the target language.
  6. The students will also list words that are not known to them. They will work in pairs to discover the meaning of these words, then share with the class.
  7. The students will convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and list the cities with their temperatures in order from highest maximum to the lowest.
  8. Students will discuss with a partner which 2 cities they want to visit and what activities they will do and what clothes to bring according to the weather conditions.



  1. In Spanish create a newspaper weather map for a state of their choice, labeling five cities and illustrating the weather conditions. Go to
  2. In Spanish create and present a 3-day weather report for a city in Mexico or South America. Go to

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