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Lesson Plan
by Carol Sparks



Language: Spanish
Level: A cultural activity in English for all levels
Grade level: 7-12







1. Ask students to list what they know about Puerto Rico. In pairs have them share their lists and add things mentioned by their partner but not originally on their list.


2. Ask students to share what they have listed in these categories: geography, history, government, education, nature


3. Distribute worksheet and allow students to work at the computer.



Extension: Choose one of the following


1. Plan a vacation to Puerto Rico. Include your itinerary, how much time your will spend, what you will do, where you will stay and all costs. Indicate the items that you might want to buy to bring home.


2. Prepare a Puerto Rico dish to share with the class. Students will need to find recipes from other sources.


3. Make a careta mask and share it with the class.


Student Worksheet

(This may be printed out.)




In order to learn about Puerto Rico, search:

Read the information. Answer the questions and do the activities.

1. Briefly describe:




Sketch your idea of a careta.



2. Identify these famous Puerto Ricans:


José Celso Barbosa

Ramón Emeterio Betances

José Campeche

Roberto Clemente

Rita Moreno

Francisco Oller

Tito Puente

Chita Rivera

Lola Rodríguez de Tío


3. Explore Puerto Rican cuisine. Plan a lunch or dinner menu. Make a shopping list.


4. With a partner create a brochure about Puerto Rico. Include information about some of the physical features of the country, the foods of the country, some useful tourist information, things to see and do, and other information that you would like to find in a brochure.

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