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Student Worksheet



In this activity we will be visiting The Web site for The Prado Museum.


1. List some Spanish speaking countries you would like to visit.


2. What do you know about Spain?


3. List cities and places you would like to visit in Spain.


5. Imagine that you are in Spain and you want to visit The Prado Museum.

What do you see?

How does it look ? Now you see a painting by Goya, do you like it? Do you think you can buy a replica? How much will it cost? Where you will hang the picture in your house?




1. Go to the following Web site.

2. Click on Información General Check the following that you find on this page:____dirección _____teléfono_____horas_____transporte público al museo_____precio de entrada_____planos del museo_____cafetería____días gratis____servicios para minusválidos.

3. List here words that are similar to words in English.


3. List here the words that are not like English but you understand by context.


4. List here words that you do not understand.



A. Click on General Information. Now Click on Ficha Practica. Answer in Spanish the following questions.

1. ¿Cuál es la dirección del edificio Villanueva?

2. ¿Cuál es el teléfono de información?

3. ¿Cuál número de teléfono da información las 24 horas del día?

4. ¿A qué hora abren el museo los jueves?

5. ¿Cuáles días festivos (feriados) está cerrado el museo?

6. ¿Cuántas pesetas paga un joven con tarjeta de estudiante para entrar al museo?

7. ¿Quiénes pueden entrar gratis al museo?

8. Si usted desea visitar el museo el domingo y no quiere pagar ¿ A qué hora puede ir?

9. ¿Cuáles días feriados es gratis la entrada al museo?

10. ¿Dónde se compran los boletos para entrar al museo?

11. ¿Quiénes deben solicitar los boletos dos semanas antes de visitar el museo?

12. ¿Una persona en silla de ruedas puede visitar el museo, sí, no? Explique por su respuesta.


B Click on Visitas. Then click on EDIFICIO VILLANUEVA. Tour around the most important works of art. Then select a hall you would like to visit ( If you want to follow the proposed tour click on the blue numbers. Start in hall 51c, and continue the succesion: 49,58,etc. Write down the following information about some works.

Número de la sala:

Nombre del pintor:

Nombre del cuadro:

Estilo :

Escuela artistica:


Medidas del cuadro:


Repeat #1 with 2 more works.



1. Interview a friend and find out which halls he/she visited. Exchange opinions.

2. Tell a friend which places he/she most visit during his/her tour of the museum..

3. Compare any work of Goya with one work of Velásquez, or choose two artists and compare their works.

4. Compare and contrast The Prado Museum with any museum you have visited in USA.



1. Create a mural to exhibit in your classroom.

2. Create a TV commercial to advertise the visit to The Prado Museum

3. Write a letter to your best friend. Tell him/her about your visit to The Prado Museum.

4. Calculate in dollars the cost of your visit to the museum if you spent 500 pesetas for admission, 2.000 pesetas for lunch, 40 pesetas for bus, 200 pesetas for a cartel, 10.000 pesetas for a book of Goya masterpieces, and 5.000 pesetas in souvenirs. You can use the currency convert at

5. Give directions how to go from hall 51a to hall 71.



Teacher Lesson Plan
Pilar Agudelo
Language: Spanish
Level: I-II
Objectives: Read about El Museo de Prado

Find important details about The Prado Museum general information such as: address, information phones, hours, fees, plans of the museum, packages, conditions of entry to school groups, book stores, shops and other services.


Computer with access to the World Wide Web, or a print out of The Museum of The Prado.


  1. Activate students background knowledge of different museums in the Spanish world. Choose The Prado Museum.
  2. Have students find the web site. . Click on Ficha.
  3. Have students to look for cognates.
  4. Have students to look for a meaning in context.
  5. Have students to look for unknown words, and words they think they need to know. Have students to work with a partner to figure out the meaning of the words they need to know. Then precede a class discussion.
  6. Have students to list which halls they will visit in order of preference ( three in each plant).
  7. Discuss with partner why he/she chose to visit those halls.
  8. Have students to click on catalog and select three cartels they will buy.
  9. If you are in Cibeles Which bus you will take to go to the Edificio Villanueva.


  1. Write a letter to your best friend. Tell your impressions about your trip to the museum
  2. Calculate the cost of the admission, the purchase of three cartels, the lunch and the fare for the bus.
  3. Write a TV commercial advertising some of the activities a student can do during his/her visit to the museum.
  4. Create your own masterpiece to exhibit in the school art exhibition.


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