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By Carol Parris and Julie Pinzás

 Museums, Museums, Museums!

Lesson Plan


Language: ESL, French, Spanish
Level: All
Grade Level: 7-12







1. Ask students what museums they have been to and what they have found of interest in them. Ask why so many people go to visit them.


2. Ask students if they had a key pal come to visit, what museums they would take them to?


3. Now have the students imagine that they are to visit their key pal who lives in either Paris or Madrid.


4. Have students select two museums that they would like to visit. (Madrid) (Paris)



Have the students make an ad for the museum of their choice in the target language


*The accompanying worksheet is in English, but it can be written in the target language depending on the level of the students and the subject it is used for, i.e., English, Spanish, French, Art or History. This represents one day's lesson on an imaginary trip. Future lessons could include historical sites, monuments, restaurants, shopping, etc. Culminating activities could include journal entries and/or letters to key pals about the trip.

by Carol Parris and Julie Pinzás

Museums, Museums, Museums!



In this activity we will be visiting web sites for museums in either Paris or Madrid.


1. Go to the web sites below: (Madrid) (Paris)


2. Read the information about the museums and select two that you would like to visit. Answer the following questions about each museum:


1. What is the name of the museum, telephone number, and where is it located?


2. What are the days and hours of operation? Is there any day that it is not open?


3. How much does it cost for you, as a student, to get in? For extra credit, if you finish earlier you can find out the exchange rate at and make the conversion to dollars.


4. What two works in the museum would you want to be sure to see? Why did you choose them?




5. Now make an ad for one of the museums. Be sure to include the name of the museum, telephone number, hours of operation, and highlight some of the artwork that can be found there.



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