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Activity Worksheet




and Murals

As you learn about muralists and murals, you will be visiting these websites:

A. Look at the picture above. What title would you give it? Are there famous people represented?



B. Find the mural that this segment comes from. Scan the information.

  1. Who is the artist?
  2. What title did he give the entire mural?
  3. Where was it originally placed?
  4. What size is it?
  5. What does the mural represent?
  6. Find the muralist who lost his right hand and partial sight in one eye.
  7. Who is the artist?
  8. What major art movement influenced him?
  9. What distinguishes him from Diego Rivera?
  10. Select one of his paintings. Title:
  11. Theme:
  12. Your impression:


C. The Mission District of San Francisco is famous for its murals. Search for information to answer or to describe the following:

1. Artists who inspired the muralist movement in San Francisco
2. Year when muralists began painting in Balmy Alley
3. Materials used for murals in Balmy Alley
4. Precita Eyes
5. Susan Cervantes
6. Ray Patlan
7. "Placa" project
8. List 5-10 themes that you would use in a mural depicting the history of the United States.



D. Do one of the following:

  1. Visit the Mission District, photograph 5-8 murals and create an annotated photo album.
  2. Create a mural on paper 2 ft. x 4 ft. in the style of Rivera or Orozco.
  3. With a partner create a presentation of the information that you have learned. This presentation should include visuals.


Muralism, Muralists and Murals

Lesson Plan
By Carol Sparks
Language: Spanish, cultural lesson
Level: I-V
Grade level: 7-12




1. Have the students brainstorm where they might see murals.

2. Show students a poster of a Mexican mural. Ask students to describe what they see. Ask their opinions of why they think the artist painted this particular subject. Ask if the colors used fit the theme of the painting.

3. In groups of four have students brainstorm what themes they would include in a mural for the school. As each group shares, list their ideas on a piece of chart paper.

4. Distribute the student worksheet.


Students create a mural for the school incorporating the five most popular themes listed by the class.


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