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Lesson Plan
by Carol Sparks



Language: Spanish
Level: I, English version
II, Spanish version
Grade Level: 7-12


To learn about the Mayan world, past and present



1. Ask students to list 3 things that they know about the Maya civilization.
2. Ask students in groups of 3 to share what they have listed. They may add anything not on their lists that are mentioned by a partner.
3. Have students create a logo that would represent the Mayan world.
4. Distribute the worksheet and allow students to work at the computer.


Extension: Choose one of the following:

1. Write a trickster legend about the Rabbit.
2. Create a Mayan-style glyph and share with the class what it represents to you.
3. Find or compose music to use while you read a folktale aloud.

Student Worksheet
(This may be printed out.)



Versión española

Vamos a visitar el mundo maya para aprender más de esta cultura indígena y antigua. Busca, lee, contesta, escribe, dibuja.


1. Busca
2. En otro papel dibuja un mapa de Guatemala y localiza 10 ciudades mayas. (Haz clic en Los mayas)
3. Escribe los números 3, 9, 12, 17 en el sistema maya. Crea un problema de matemáticas. (Haz clic en The Maya Astronomy Page)
4. Calcula tu fecha de nacimiento y escríbelo. Haz un dibujo hieroglífico de tu fecha de nacimiento. (Haz clic en Rabbit in the Moon)
5. ¿Por qué es importante el proyecto Mundo Maya en Centroamérica? (Haz clic en El mundo de la cultura maya)
6. Lee una leyenda de los maya y haz un "story board". (Haz clic en Maya Culture, Maya Folktales)
7. ¿Por qué fue importante a los maya el chocolate? ¿Cómo usaron chocolate? (Haz clic en Chocolate, Maya Cuisine)


Student Worksheet
(This may be printed out.)



English version


We are going to visit the Mayan world to learn more about this indigenous and ancient culture. Search, read, answer, write, draw.


1. Visit:
2. On another sheet of paper draw a map of the Mayan world, locate and label 10 Mayan cities. (Click on El mundo de la cultura maya)
3. Write the numbers 4, 9, 13, 18 in the Maya number system. Write a math problem. (Click on The Maya Astronomy Page)
4. Calculate your birthdate and write it. Make a drawing of your birthdate hieroglyph. (Click on Rabbit in the Moon)
5. What are the purposes of the Mundo Maya Project? (Click on El mundo de la cultura maya)
6. Read a Mayan folktale and make a story board of it. (Click on Maya Culture, Maya Folktales)
7. Why was chocolate important to the Mayans? How did they use it? Write a shopping list for a Mayan meal? (Click on Chocolate, Maya Cuisine.)


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