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Hotels in Acapulco

In this activity we will visit a web site for a hotel in Acapulco, Mexico.

Pre-reading- using prior knowledge

Make a list of amenities that a good hotel web site would include.



1. Go to

2. Check off all the amenities on this list that the hotel has.

 ___ pool  ___ nightclub
 ___ restaurant  ___ private balconies
 ___ beauty salon   ___ television
 ___ telephone   ___ baby sitting service

3. List three activities that you think might interest you.





4. What is the cheapest time of year to stay at this hotel?


5. What other languages could you read this ad in?


Reading for comprehension


1. List the special services that this hotel offers.





2. Which activities would be fun for teenagers?

3. Which activities would appeal to adults?

4. According to the site, why would you want to go to this hotel?

5. Which type of room would you choose and why?

6. What can you do if you need to get more information?

7. Scroll down under the price chart. Where can you go if you can't stand the heat?


Application and extension

1.Prepare a skit between family members.

2. Prepare an ad for a hotel that specializes in:

  • animals
  • only those under 21
  • meat eating plants
  • include the basics, in addition, describe a special event for your hotel of choice.
  • 3. Make a radio ad about your hotel.



    Hotels in Acapulco - Lesson Plan

    by Sue Guenette

    Language: Spanish

    Level: Spanish 2 +

    Grade Level: 7-12


    Read an add for a hotel

    Interpret specific information about the hotel, where it is, what the hotel offers, prices, and special activities.



    1. Ask student to list what they would like in a hotel.
    2. Have them get together in groups of four, and write all the ideas on the butcher paper to present to the class.
    3. Go to the web site or give them the copy of the printout.
    4. Have students quickly find the info in the scanning section and discuss with the class.
    5. Working either alone or with a partner, students find the rest of the information, then discuss with the class.


    Have students choose and prepare one of the activities.


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