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Lesson Plan
by Carol Sparks


Language: Spanish
Level: A cultural lesson in English
Grade level: 7-12



1. Ask students to brainstorm what kinds of articles they would find in a newspaper.
2. Ask students to list the kinds of articles that they usually read or want to read and to share the list with a partner.
3. Distribute worksheet and allow students to work at the computer.

Extension: Choose one of the following:

1. With a partner make a large Venn diagram. Label one side Honduras and the other side United States or the name of your community. Check a local newspaper and Honduras This Week online. Write the name of an article and/or a brief description of the article in the appropriate space on the Venn diagram. Be sure to include 8-10 articles.


2. Write a letter to the editor of Honduras This Week online requesting that articles of the kind you like to read be included next week. Be specific about the types of articles.


Student Worksheet (May be printed out.)




We will be reading an online newspaper from Honduras. Visit:


Look for and read the information. Answer the questions and do the activities.


1. In the Cultural section, is a restaurant recommended? If so, what kind of food is served? Where is the restaurant located? What is the price range for a meal?


2. List 5 events from The Maya Calendar that you would like to attend or places you would like to go. Tell when and where it will take place and a few sentences telling what it is.


3. Can you find a joke? A recipe? If so, write it out.


4. Search the Environment section to discover 4 environmental concerns in Honduras. Are any solutions suggested? Complete the chart:





5. Find an article that you are particularly interested in. You may wish to search previous issues. Write the title and a brief summary of it. Tell why this interested you. Tell which section the article was in. Give the date of the publication.


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