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by Kristy Cross

¡Vamos a Granada!

Today we will take a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.
Well, what are you waiting for? ¡Vamos amigos!

A. Pre-trip:

1. What places of interest do tourists visit in your community or state?



2. We will be visiting a palace in Granada. What purpose do you think a palace served?




B. ¡Vamos!

To begin your trip, go to the following website:

We,re going to visit different places of interest in Granada, Spain. As you go to each place, look at the photos, read the paragraphs and fill out the table below. Each photo is located on a different page of the web site. To quickly arrive at each one, highlight the number portion of the web address and replace it by typing in the number of
the photo you wish to see. For example, if you want to go to Photo 05, highlight 01 in the URL and type in 05.

Photo #01
What do you see in the photo?
Why is it important?
Do you want to visit it?


01 Three famous spots in Granada are ______________, ______________ and _______________.


03 Granada was home to whom until 1492? ___________________________

Who took over? ___________________________


05 Who built La Alhambra?

The 3 major parts are:_______________, _____________, and ______________.

07 What purpose did "El Patio de los Leones serve?

What two elements make it famous?

16 "Generalife was summer home to which groups of people?


19 What famous quote did the mother of Boabadil say to her son?

What do you think she meant?


20 How old is this building?

What other Patio have you seen on this trip through Granada?


22 Is Alhambra a Spanish word?

What does it mean?


23 Who spent the summers at the Alhambra?

What makes Granada a great vacation spot?


27 Who built this cathedral?

What was their intent in building it?

32 Who were most of the inhabitants in the XI century?

Then who took over?

What happened in 1492?

What two quarters make up Granada?

37 What are tapas?!!!


C. Post-trip questions:

1. Since there were three religious groups that lived in Granada, what problems do you think that they had in terms of getting along?


2. Why do you think that the Catholic monarchs had the Muslim mosques destroyed when they took over? Why not leave them up?


3. After looking at the photos, what features make Arabic architecture unique?



4. Why do you think that the Muslims used fountains and ponds in their gardens?



5. Of all the places that you visited on your trip to Granada, which one would you tell a friend to visit first? Why?



D. Extension:

Your teacher may ask you to do one of the following:

1. Make a travel brochure of Granada. Include at least 4 places that are "must sees and give a brief (yet appealing) description of the site and its significance.

2. Make a travel poster of your trip to Granada. Your poster should have pictures of at least 4 sites. Please give a description of each one, its significance and your opinion of it.

3. Make a travel journal. Each day, record what you did or saw and what you thought of everything! Please make at least 4 entries in your journal.

4. Role-play with a partner. One of you is a travel agent and the other, a curious traveler. Ask your travel agent to tell you about Granada. As an expert travel agent, tell your client about 4 things in Granada that they simply can,t miss! Then switch roles.

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