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In this activity we are going to visit a web page where we are going to find information about places to visit in Mexico and useful information for planning the trip.





1.- Go to the following Web site:

2.- Answer the following question about excursions in Mexico:


3.- Now select a place you want to go for an excursion, and give the information you can find. You may not find all the information asked for.

4.- Did you find all of the information that you expected in #3? Put a check mark beside each item in #3 above that you found. Put an X in front of each item you did not find.

5.- List here words that are similar to words in English.

6.- List here words that are not like English but that you understand by context.

7.- List words that you do not understand.


Repeat #3 with three other excursions and sites.


Post Reading

1.- You and a friend have 4 free days and decide to go for an excursion in Mexico. List all the places that you can visit in 3 to 4 days in the order that you want to see them.

2.- Discuss with your partner your preferences for the place you want to visit, and then decide which site you both are going to visit.

3.- Explain how can you get to the place you have chosen.

4.- Discuss with your partner the equipment that you both are going to take with you depending the time of the year, the activities you are going to do, and the public services that you will find in the site.




Your teacher may ask you to prepare in Spanish one or more of the following:





Teacher Lesson Plan
Cristian Alvarez
Language: Spanish
Level: I, II, III
Grade level: 9-12







Standards Addressed



Multiple Intelligences Addressed





  1. Ask students to list what information they have about excursions and Mexico.
  2. Ask students to share what experiences they have and share their likes and dislikes.
  3. Have students select an excursion and find the expected information in the ad.
  4. To help students find expected information have students look for cognates.
  5. Then have students look for meaning in context.
  6. Ask students to list words they don't understand and think they need. Then discusses with class.
  7. Have students list in order of their preference to take them, the excursions available now.
  8. Of those excursions, have students discuss with a partner preferences for excursions and places and choose which excursion they are going to take.
  9. Have students make a map of the roads and list of towns they need to know to get to their destination.




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