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Lesson Plan
Gloria Ulloa Rodriguez

Folk Dances from Spanish Speaking Countries

Language and Level: Spanish I; Social Studies

Countries and Dances:

Chile: La Cueca Chilena
México: Jarabe
Spain : Flamenco

Web Sites:


Ballet Folklórico de Amalia Hernandez:




Viva Chile:


compañia de danza


  1. Students will use the Internet to label the location of three different Spanish speaking countries that they will be studying on their world map: México, Spain and Chile
  2. Students will be able to learn about and name a folk dance from each of these countries.
  3. Students will focus on one dance group and will be able to:
state the date and location of a dance performance
recognize the music and dance from a short video clip
get in a small group and do a "modified" dance from the common folk dance they chose




Tell students that they will be watching a folk dance from a Spanish speaking country. (This can be done through videos or local community groups). So that they will be better prepared to appreciate the dances they will be studying about different folk dances from various Spanish speaking countries. The students will be grouped in small groups and will work together throughout this lesson.

During Lesson:

  1. Students will log on countries for basic information about those countries.
  2. Students will log on dance companies' Web sites.
  3. Students will answer questions from worksheets.
  4. Students will present their dance by an activity of their choice, such as choreograph a short version of the dance, presentation through charts, etc.



1. The class will view a special performance of a folk dance group.

Community Folk Dance Groups- (Web locations to be given later)

2. The student group will present the dance to a local elementary school or other community center, such as a convalescent home or hospital.



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