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By Diane Rosner

 What "El Chupacabras" means to me!!!

Lesson Plan

Language: Spanish
Level: First year - High School or College




  1. Ask students to list and discuss the various "ficticious characters" from the "anglo" culture. Example: Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Boogie Man, Santa, Big Foot.
  2. Ask students to share this information.
  3. Have students go to the "El chupacabras" website.
  4. Have students describe "El chupacabras" (Where? What? Why? When? How?)
  5. Have students compare "El chupacabras" with other hispanic ficticious characters and compare with other "anglo" characters.
  6. Have students discuss why hispanics would believe in a character like "El chupacabras"? How does this character relate to the concept of Magic Realism. (Review main concepts of Magic Realism if necessary.)
  7. Have students discuss the similarities between the "anglo" culture and the hispanic culture and the need to believe in the "grey" area in regards to reality and fantasy.


Student Worksheet



What "El chupacabras" Means to Me!!!!!!!!



Objective: In this activity we will visit the above website and gather information about "El chupacabras".




1. List below all of the fictitious characters that people believe exist from the "anglo" culture that you can think of and share your ideas with your partner. What do these characters represent? Who believes in them? Why or why not?


2. Review with your partner the following ficticious characters from the hispanic culture: El cucuy, La llorona, Quetzalcoátl, el ratón Pérez, etc. Share these ideas with the class.


3. We dare you to go to the above website addresses and meet "El chupacabras"!


4. Describe in detail "El chupacabras". (What? Where? When? How? Why?) Share your descriptions with the class.


5. How does "El chupacabras" compare with other hispanic ficticious characters?


6. How is it similiar or different from the "anglo" Boogie Man or Big Foot?


7. Why do you think many hispanics believe in "El chupacabras"?


8. How does "El chupacabras" tie into the literary concept of "Magic Realism"?


9. Create your own legend based on "El chupacabras". Include adventures that have taken place and descriptions of these events.



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