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Student worksheet




We will be learning more about the rainforests of Costa Rica.

1. Match the name of each animal in English and Spanish with the picture.





 ____ Bird  A. Rana
 ____ Frog  B. Mariposa
 ____ Lizard  C. Pájaro
 ____ Butterfly  D. Lagarto






2. List 5 reasons for conserving rainforests and share your reasons with a classmate.




Search these web sites in order to do the following activities:


3. Describe the bosque lluvioso: where is it?, what would one see or do there?






4. Describe the Bosque Lluvioso Foundation: type of foundation, objectives of the foundation, cost of membership, etc.





5. Briefly describe the layers of the rainforest.






6. Check your reasons for conservation of the rainforest. Are they valid? What other reasons could you add?






7. Why should rainforests be restored?





8. Draw a map of Costa Rica, locate and label el Bosque Lluvioso, Braulio Carrillo National Park, San José, Guapiles and Heredia.

9. Complete this web with information about the destruction of the rainforest.





10. Why are rainforests important to the people of California?



11. Who devised a way for you to visit the canopy of a rainforest without disturbing nature? Why did he do this?

12. You will be leaving tomorrow for Costa Rica. Your stay in Costa Rica will include a visit to the bosque lluvioso in Braulio Carrillo National Park.

A. What will the weather be like day after tomorrow?

B. In San José?

C, In Braulio Carrillo National Park?

D. How much money will you need to take the tour from San José to the aerial tram?

E. What is included in the price?

F. What clothing should you wear for this excursion?

G. What should you take with you?

13. Write three adjectives, in Spanish or English, that would describe how you would feel if you were seeing the rainforest from this tram.




14. Create a rainforest poster. Your poster may be to attract visitors to the aerial tram, to preserve the rainforest or ?????

Teacher Lesson Plan




Lesson Plan

By Carol Sparks
Language: Spanish, cultural lesson
Level: I
Grade level: 5-8




  1. Show students the poster or video of the rainforest. Have students list some of the animals shown.
  2. In groups of 4 have students brainstorm words in Spanish that would pertain to a "bosque lluvioso". As each group reads its list, make a class list of words that they agree are appropriate.
  3. Distribute student worksheet.


Extension: Students will make a presentation to their classmates, urging conservation of the rainforests.

Additional resources:

Pratt, Kristin Joy, and Clarita Kohen, Un Paseo por el Bosque Lluvioso/A Walk in the Rainforest, Dawn Publications, ISBN : 1883220025

Malnor, Bruce and Carol, A Teacher's Guide to a Walk in the Rainforest, Dawn Publications, ISBN : 1883220742

Forsyth, Adrian, How Monkeys Make Chocolate: Foods and Medicines from the Rainforests, Owl Communications, ISBN : 1895688329

Savage, Steven, Animals of the Rain Forest, Raintree/Steck-Vaughan, ISBN : 0739801163



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