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 Shopping in La Redoute Catalogue


1. In this activity, you will visit the web site for the popular mail order catlogue company that millions of French people use to buy clothes, items for the home and other products. You get to shop through the on-line catalogue for a complete outfit for a particular occasion.
Bons Achats!

2. What information do you expect a catalogue to include for articles of clothing?

3. Go to this web site:

a. click on "La Redoute"
b. click on "Commandez en ligne dans le catalogue".
c. click on "Recherche" in the left margin of the page

4. Choose a complete outfit for one of the following occasions:


Follow these steps to make your selection:

5. Choose from any of the following categories: "pret-a-porter" (ready to wear), "collection homme", or "collection femme".

6. Now, browse through what's available and choose your outfit. Buy three items, e.g., pant, shirt, shoes, or dress, shoes, hat, or whatever three items will make a
complete outfit.

7. For each item, write down:

a) color
b) your size - to convert to your american size, you can use the conversion charts at the following addresses:

c) material
d) price

8. Write down words that are similar to words in English.

9. Write down words that are not similar to English but that you understand by context.

10. Write down any words that you don't know and look them up in the dictionary.

11. Total the amount for your three items in francs and then write down the equivalent amount in dollars. To convert francs into dollars, use the following address:

12. After you have completed the activities above, be prepared to tell a partner about the outfit you chose. Include the following information in your oral description:

a) where you will wear your outfit and why it is an appropriate outfit for this occasion
b) describe the three articles of clothing - what they are, color, size and material
c) the price in francs



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