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Mme Salvato
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La Polynesie Francaise

In this activity we will be visiting web sites of the French Polynesion Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.
A.   Pre-reading c Using prior knowledge
List below the information you already have about French Polynesia.
B. Scanning

1. Go to the first web site below. (If unavailable, you may use the others.)

2.    List (in French) the major subheadings on the page.
3.    List 5 French words that you don t understand but that you d like to learn.

C.    Reading for Understanding

1.     How many islands and archipelagos are there in French Polynesia?
2.  What is the climate like?  What is the temperature in each of the two seasons?
3,  In what year did French Polynesia become a TOM? (Territoire d Outre Mer)
4.    What is coprah and why is it important?

D. Extension

Plan a two-week trip to French Polynesia.  Say what airlines you will take and from where, and what the round-trip airfare will cost.  Write up a schedule for each day of your stay with a detailed list of activities.  Be sure to include the names of the hotels where you ll be staying (or other accommodation) and prices, as well as approximate costs of meals and excursions (boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.).  If you rent a car you must specify costs for this as well.    

Teacher Lesson plan

La Polynesie Francaise

Language:  French
Level:  all
Grade level:  9-12
Read a web site about French Polynesia
    Recognize main points of information
    Answer specific questions through careful reading
         Computers with access to the World Wide Web
         (or) Printout of web sites
         Student worksheet

1.     Ask students what they already know about French Polynesia.  (Possible preparatory activities include showing video South Pacific, singing song Dites-Moi.)
2.    Ask students to share their prior knowledge (brainstorming ideas on board, etc.).
3.    Have students select a site and find information from the site.

4.    Ask students to list words they don t understand and think they need to know.  Let students work with a partner to guess the meaning of words they need.  Write a list of words on the board and discuss with the class.
Have students plan a two week trip to French Polynesia, listing a daily itinerary and costs.

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