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Beryl Druker & Deborah Berg
Student Worksheet

 Le Shopping à Paris

In this activity we will be visiting web sites to shop from Les Trois Suisses, the popular mail order-catalog that millions of people throughout the French-speaking world use to buy clothes, items for the home and gifts. We will be looking at some clothes sold online, and you will pick out some that you might like to purchase for yourself.

1. Name some mail-order catalogs you know or have already heard of.

2. List below information you would expect to find about clothing items for sale in a mail-order catalog.

3. Take your measurements in centimeters and record here.

4. Go to the 3 Suisses web site:

5. Click on "Femme" if you are a girl. Click on "Homme" if you are a boy.

6. Click on an article of clothing.

7. Click on "pour réserver" and write the following:

8. Write the color of your choice and your correct French size.

9. Write your equivalent American size. To convert to your American size, you may use the conversion chart at the following web site:

10. Now write the price in US dollars. To convert it, go to:

11. Click on at least two other articles of clothing and give the following information about each:

 Article of clothing:    Article of clothing:  
 Cost in francs:    Cost in francs:  
 Cost in dollars:    Cost in dollars:  
 Sizes available:    Sizes available:  
 Your size (Fr. &US):    Your size (Fr. &US):  
 Colors available:    Colors available:  

12. Did you find all of the information you expected in question
#2 above? Circle any item you did not find in "3 Suisses".

13. List here words that are similar to words in English.

14. List here words that are not like English but that you
understand by context.

15. List words that you don't understand.

Select one of the following activities:
1. Create your own "page" for the class clothing catalogue.
Include French sizes, colors available, cost in francs for each item you include. Use visuals.

2. Select an outfit from "3 Suisses" for one of your family members from the opposite sex. Each item must include sizes (French & US), color and cost (in francs & dollars).


Teacher Lesson Plan

Le Shopping à Paris

Language: French
Level: I
Grade level: 7-12


Be able to use a French mail-order catalog.
Be familiar with European metric clothing sizes.
Be able to convert currency.


Computer access to the World Wide Web
(or) Printout of catalog pages, size and currency converter charts
Student worksheets
Tape measures


1. Ask students which mail-order catalogs they know.

2. Ask students to list the information that one would expect to find in a mail-order catalog.

3. Ask students to share their answers.

4. Pass out tape measures and have students work with same-sex partner to determine measurements for clothing sizes.

5. Have students go to the 3 Suisses catalog on the net and then to the size charts to determine their metric size.

Additional catalogue website:

6. Have students select a complete outfit for themselves.

7. Inform the students to look for cognates.

8. Have students look for meaning in context.

9. Ask students to list words they don't understand and think they need to know. Let students work with a partner to guess the meaning of words they need. Then discuss with class.

10. Have students complete the accompanying worksheets with sizes, colors, prices for each item.
To convert French to American sizes, go to:

To change from metric to American measurements, go to:

To convert francs to US dollars, go to:


1. Students are to create their own page for a class clothing catalog. They are to include sizes, colors,etc. Visuals to be included.
2. Students are to select an outfit for an opposite- sex family member. They must include size (French and American), color and cost (francs and dollars).

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