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Linda Sacco

Paris la Nuit

1. You will be visiting Web sites for night clubs in Paris. List below the information you would expect to find in an ad for a night club.

2. Go to Web site

3. Click on Paris la Nuit. You will find a list of night clubs and their descriptions.

4. Select one club. Write the name of the club.

5. Did you find all of the information that you expected? Put a check mark beside each item in #1 above that you expected. Put a check mark beside each item in #1 that you did not find.

6. List words that are similar to words in English.

7. List words that are not similar to words in English but that you understand by context.

8. List words that you don't understand.

9. Now give the following information:

Name of club

Telephone number



Address Metro station


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