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1. Go to the movie web site below.
2. Check the information that you find on this page:
___movies ___actors ___addresses ___ show times ___ ranking (1-10)
3. What is the number 1 movie in Montreal?
4. List 5 French words you understand by context.



Reading for comprehension


    1. What are the dates of this listing?
    2. Click on a movie and list the following information:

   MOVIE #1  MOVIE #2  MOVIE #3
 Title of the movie:      
 Type of movie:      
 Actors and actresses:      
 Length of movie:      
 Rank (out of 10):      



    3. Now click on the movie title and add the following information:


        Name of theater(s):


        Show times and days:



    4. Now choose 2 other films, and repeat # 2 &3.



    5. Which of the movies were on your list in Section A?



    6. Which movies are the same in the US and Montreal?



Reading application


1. Choose a movie and look at the reviews.


    How many of the reviews are positive? How many are negative?


    Based on these reviews, would you like to see this movie? Why?


2. Based on the reviews of 2 other movies, which movie would you like to see?



3. Which would your friends like to see?



    4. You and a friend have decided to go to a movie in Montreal. List all the movies in the order that you want to see them.



    5. With a partner, discuss you preferences and decide which movie you both want to see.





1. Write a critique of a movie that you have seen.
2. Make you own ad for a movie of your creation.



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