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By Tom Williams

 Le Tour du Monde Francophone

Lesson Plan


Language: French
Level: Introduction or Exploratory
Possibly Level One (see notes on variations at the end)
Grade Level: 7-9 (-12 with variations)






Procedure (all work done in pairs)


1. Ask students to generate a list of Francophone countries.

2. Ask students to generate a list of cities in each of six of these countries.

3. Ask students to prepare an appropriate itinerary for visits to six Francophone cities within a two-week time period.

5. Students will then search for the information they need from the web sites. If you use the printouts, you will need to modify students' choices. You will probably have to make up the itinerary yourself, perhaps based on what students come up with in steps one and two.

6. Students will prepare their airport announcements based on the information they glean from the web sites, then plan their presentations.

7. Go over the Reconstruction Chart worksheet so students will understand how to use it.

8. Students will make their presentations in pairs, while their fellow students will listen carefully for the information they need in order to complete their itinerary reconstruction paragraphs.




For French II, the instructions should be in French, and it is certainly appropriate to have them go to to get information on what they could see and/or visit while there. Then they could write and/or present orally a total itinerary with airline information and tourist sites in whatever tense is the tense of the moment: future or conditional are perhaps the most appropriate.


For French III, IV, or AP, obviously the directions would be in French. Instead of the airline announcements, the pairs could role play a visit to a travel agency. It would be an additional challenge to give each actor in the role play a set of "real" characteristics that must be interwoven into the role play. For example, the traveler could be "hautain, impatient, et incapable de se décider" , and the travel agent could be "ignorant, naïf, mais qui tient à plaire au client." The listening portion of the exercise could be modified by having students write out the characteristics of each actor in addition to what happened in the role play, probably writing the paragraph in the passé composé/imparfait.



Student Worksheet





Le Tour du Monde Francophone


In this activity we will be visiting web sites for various airlines serving the French-speaking world.


1. List below at least five countries where French is the or one of the official languages.





2. List at least one city in each of the countries you have listed. If you don't know the names of any cities in the country you have selected, consult the map on page ____ in your text.





3. You will be planning an airplane trip to French-speaking countries. You will be starting in Los Angeles, and you must visit six francophone countries, including France, Canada, and at least three African countries, then return to Los Angeles. Write down your itinerary below.


Los Angeles to ____________________ (city No. 1)

_________________(city No. 1) to ________________(city No. 2)

_________________(city No. 2) to ________________(city No. 3)

_________________(city No. 3) to ________________(city No. 4)

_________________(city No. 4) to_________________(city No. 5)

_________________(city No. 5) to _________________(city No. 6)

_________________(city No. 6) to Los Angeles.


You will start the trip tomorrow and must end the trip within 15 days. Write tomorrow's date and the date you must end your trip here.


Tomorrow's date:________________End date of trip:_______________________


4. You will be visiting the following web sites:

Air France

Air Canada

Air Afrique






When you arrive at the web site, you must enter your departure city and your arrival city. When you get the flight possiblities, you must choose one that fits within the scope of your dates. When you have selected your flight, write down the following information:

·flight number

·originating city


·departure time

·airline company name


5. Now that you have the information, you will be composing flight announcements for the flights you will be taking. You must compose flight announcements for both the departures and arrivals. You and your partner will prepare to present these announcements; each of you will do six announcements, three arrivals and three destinations. The announcements must be in chronological order for your trip and must be clear enough for your fellow students to be able to reconstruct your itinerary.


Here is an example of an announcement


Air France vol numéro cent vingt-cinq à destination de Paris part de la porte numéro dix-huit à seize heures dix. Les passagers doivent se présenter à la porte avant quinze heures quarante. Merci.


Air Afrique vol numéro cent quarante-neuf en provenance d'Abidjan arrive à la porte numéro vingt-cinq à vingt-et-une heures vingt. Ceux qui acceuillent les passagers peuvent se présenter à la porte dès maintenant.

(The underlined portions are the parts you will have to get from the web sites)



Le Tour du Monde Francophone

Reconstruction Chart


As you hear each of the pairs in your class give their itineraries, you must reconstruct their trip based on the announcements. Please complete the information that is presented by each pair.


Noms des voyageurs:_______________________et______________________



En Provenance de A Destination de

1. Los Angeles





6. Los Angeles




Now you must recreate the itinerary of each pair using the following model:


John et Mark voyagent de Los Angeles à ____________ d'abord. Puis, ils voyagent à _____________, _______________, ________________, et____________. Enfin, ils rentrent à Los Angeles et ils sont contents de leur voyage.


You will have a paragraph like this for each of the pairs that presented. These paragraphs will be due 24 hours after the last presentation is made.



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