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Visite Virtuelle du Louvre

In this activity we will take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

A. Pre-reading

List below things that think you would see in the world's largest museum.


B. Scanning

1. Go to the website :

2. On the left under Louvre you will see

Palais et musee

-Histoire du Louvre


3. Click on ´ Collections ª

4. Check the types of artwork you can find at the Louvre: ____sculptures

___paintings ____Greek artifacts ____Roman artifacts ____Egyptian artifacts

____African artifacts ____Civil war art ____Asian artifacts

___Islamic art

5. List some words that are similar to words in English


C. Reading for understanding.

1. How many different art collections are in the Louvre?

2. What's the French name for the MONA LISA. What is the painter's FULL name and when did he die ?

3. In which collection can you find the statue of the woman without arms?

What's the name of the statue?

4. Cliquez sur France VIIIe siecle (French paintings from the 18th century)

a) Regardez la peinture de Louis IV de Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1743) .

Quels sorts de chaussures porte-il?

b) Comment s' appelle la peinture de Francois Boucher?

c) Quelle heure est-il dans la peinture? C' est correct?

d) Qu' est-ce qu' ils boivent (drink)?


D. Extension

1. Take a little tour of the different periods of French art. What are some of the differences you found in style, color, and content of the paintings.



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