By: Mlle. J. Edick


Language: French
Level: 1
Standard: 2



Computers with Internet access
Student Activity Worksheet



Have a cheese party with French baguettes!

Student Worksheet

Je m'appelle: Aujourd'hui est:


In this activity, you will be visiting certain websites to learn more about French cheese. All answers should be placed on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to use complete sentences!

A. Before you begin, write down anything you know about the process of making cheese and list any French cheeses you may already know. If you have tried a French cheese, tell whether or not you liked the cheese.


B. Now, begin your quest!! Go to the following websites below (you may use others if you need to) to find the information you need.

1. According to French legislation, what does cheese mean?

2. How is cheese made?

3. There are many different opinions about how many kinds of cheese France has. What is the lowest and highest number that you found?

C. Choose a category of cheese, mild, medium or strong.

1. Category:

2. What are some cheeses that are classified in that category?

3. What makes a cheese mild medium or strong?

4. What does it mean if a cheese is given Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée?

D. Click on cheese regions and select a region in France. On a separate sheet of paper, draw a map of France.

1. On this map, write the name of the region you have chosen. Make a list of cheese from this region. Explore each of the 4-5 cheese listed and classify them by cow milk/sheep milk/goat milk

2. Choose a cheese listed on this page and describe its taste, how it's made and other information about it.

E. Choose the same cheese you chose in number 7 and compare and contrast what you learned from the two websites.

1. Does the information seem similar?

2. Is there any additional information?

3. For example, what season is good for this cheese?

4. How should you cut your cheese?

F. Click on a shop under "You will find it in".

1. How much would it cost you to purchase this cheese?

2. What is the unit of measurement the French use to sell cheese?

3. What does it tell you about how much cheese they consume?

G. At home

1. Reflect on what you learned about French cheese in general & the specific cheese you chose.

2. Would you like to try some French cheese?

3. Would you like to try your specific cheese?

4. Why do you think the French make so many kinds of cheese?

5. Why is the slogan for French cheese "Any meal. Any time."?

6. Write a short paragraph addressing these questions and any other opinions you would like to share.


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