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Student Worksheet



French Castles on the Loire River

In this activity we will be visiting web sites for French castles on the Loire River.


List below the information you would expect to find in an ad for a tour of French castles.



Reading - Scanning

1. Go to the following castle Web sites and choose one castle per group:

2. List the French words that are similar to words in English


3. List some words that you don,t understand but think you will need.


Careful reading

1. Select a chateau and write down the following information about it.

a. Name of castle?

b. Location of the castle in the Loire River Valley? (nearest city of importance?)

c. When was the castle built?

d. What personality (French, if possible) was associated with this castle?

e. Style(s) of architecture used in building the castle?

f. Did any historical events happen at this castle?

2. Now click on the URL of the castle that you've chosen and give information you can find. You may not find all the information asked for.

Who was the French King during the time castle was built?

3. Did you find all of the information that you expected in #1 above? Put a check beside each item in #1 that you found. Put an X n front of each item you did not find.


Post Reading - Applications:

1. You and a friend have decided to go to the "Loire River Valley. List 5 castles located there that you would like to visit in the order in which you would like to see them.


2. Discuss with your group your preferences for castles and then decide which castle you all would like to visit.



Your teacher may ask you to prepare in French one or more of the following:

* Write a rating by a travel critique giving one to five stars mentioning accommodations, food, service, bathrooms, heating etc,

* Make a travel poster advertising accommodations at the castle mentioning the cost in euros, the location and the characteristics, architecture, famous residents

* Interview a famous personality of the castle about his/her experiences, the architecture, the date of construction , the bathrooms and the comparative size.

* Make a model of the castle using paper mache or legos and then show and tell.

* You are a famous person who has just stayed at the castle on the grand opening. Tell what year it is, what the castle was like, what activities you did for entertainment, and who else was there for the grand opening.

* You are TV reporter covering the grand opening of the castle. Make a story board for the report with each scene on a piece of paper. Describe the architecture, accommodations, food, guests, entertainment
and include the date.



Lesson Plan for French Castles on the Loire River

by Dennis Neuharth


I. Pre-reading Using prior knowledge
Students will list what they would expect to find
in a French castle.

II. Scanning
Students will chose one castle from a list of 5 French castles with
given websites to gather information.

III. Reading for Understanding. For the chosen
castle answer 5 questions from a given list

IV. Students will make oral reports in groups of 3
based on a list of 10 possible extensions.

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