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By Ruby Brendlin

 A La Tele

Lesson Plan

Language: French
Level: I
Grade level: 9-12








1. Ask students to list what and when they watch TV on any given day; what they are going to watch on the current day; or what they watched last night ( for past ). Ask them to list what their parents watch, and what they watch together. Ask them to list likes and dislikes. Then ask students to share their viewing habits.


2. Ask students where one finds TV programming and what other specific information is also given?


3. Have students look at a current day TV guide page from the internet or a xeroxed copy.


4. Have students look at times to practice and review 24 hour clock and check when TV programming begins and ends in Europe or France.


5. Have students look at the number of channels available.


6. Have students look for cognates or words they already know to make educated guesses as to what types of programs are available.


7. Ask students to list words they don't understand and think they need to know. Then have them check with a partner to see if others know any of these words. Finally discuss this material with the class.


Extension: The student has been living in Paris and needs to take a day and view French TV as an added language and cultural part of their learning. Have them set up a one day TV viewing schedule with variety.

Student Worksheet



A la Tele - en France


In this activity we will be visiting web sites for TV viewing in France.

1. List below the times and programs for the following situations:

What I watch on TV (day)_____________(time)________________:


What my parents watch:


What we watch together:


Our basic likes and dislikes:


2. List the basic information one finds on a T.V. guide page.


3. Go to the T.V. guide web sites.




4. What are the beginning and ending times for programming (using B)?


Give the starting time for three programs in both 24 hour and regular time (A or B).


5. List 2-3 of the channels for which you think you can already comprehend their type of programming. How many channels are available?


6. List words that are similar to English words that you find in the listed programs.


7. List words that not like English that you already understand.


8. List five words that you don't understand and would like to know. Check with others to see if they know these words. How many could you learn in this way?


9. You are interested in sports, list one program and the time.


10.You are interested in music, list one program and the time.


11. You are interested in programs from home, what is one program and time?


12. Be ready to discuss French TV with the class sharing some of your information.


13. You are studying and living in Paris and have been assigned a one day TV viewing immersion. Using the web site, set up a viewing schedule with times, programs, and include one sentence on why you chose the program.



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