The Italian Consulate Grant provides this scholarship grant through the Italian Education Office. This is one of several initiatives by the Italian Government to become more involved in supporting Italian instruction in the United States. Due to the recent lack of applicants for the former travel grant (detailed below*), the scholarship grant this year will be for five (5) scholarship grants for $500 each, for the purpose of pursuing professional development by attending the CLTA 2016 Conference in March. Recipients are expected to pre-pay Conference fees and travel costs, and to attend the Awards event, at this point expect to be Dinner Friday night March 18 to accept their awards.
*(The previous grant enabled the recipient to reside in university housing and study at the University of Perugia during the summer. Included were tuition, special activities and excursions. The recipient was expected to enroll in courses selected from the regular summer offerings of the university. Cost of transportation to and from Italy was the responsibility of the recipient. Applicants for this grant could also apply for CLTA’s LangAbroD Grant for a travel stipend.)
The Italian grant is now intended for five teachers to receive support to attend the Annual CLTA Conference. So, for example, if $2500 is available, each teacher will receive a $500 supplement. If not enough teachers apply, funds remaining will be awarded to Italian teachers attending the Summer Seminar, but teachers must apply.

Requirements: Items 1-6 need to be ready to upload when filling out the online form. Items 7 & 8 are provided in the online form.

1. evidence that the applicant is a current member of CLTA . Get email confirmation from
2. letter written by applicant describing: 1) assurance that applicant will attend minimum Friday-Sunday of the Conference; 2) assurance that the will receive the scholarship publicly at the Conference; 3) assurance that the applicant will write a brief description of Conference experiences and professional development that were useful to the applicant, to be included on the website; 4) reason(s) the applicant wants to attend Conference for professional development; 5) how the applicant hopes to improve his/her teaching skills; 6) how the applicant expects students ot benefit from the teacher’s attendance and participation at the Conference
3. brief professional resumé/CV
4. evidence that the applicant is employed as a teacher of Italian in California
5. a recent photograph of applicant (one copy suitable for display)
6. two letters of recommendation (give a copy of the check list and rubric to those writing recommendation letters)
7. has not been a recipient of this grant in the previous four years


When you have all the above information ready, click on Application to go to the online application form.