Minutes CLTA Board 2007-2008

California Language Teachers Association

Board Meeting

November 3, 2007

The second meeting of the California Language Teachers Association of the 2007-08 school year was held at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose.  President Lewie Johnson called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.  He introduced new Board members. 

Members present:   Lewie Johnson, President
Tanya Zaccone, Past President
                                    Susan Korsinen, Secretary/CVFLA
                                    Sue McKee, Treasurer/Conference Registrar
                                    Marge Sotomayor, Membership Chair
                                    Paula Hirsch, Conference Chair
                                    Lorraine D’Ambruoso, Executive Director
                                    Duarte Silva, CFLP
                                    Karen McDowell, Newsletter Editor
                                    Tom Blair, CCCFLC/FLANC
                                    Flo Martin-Saint Clair, FLA-OC
                                    Carol Eberhart, FLAGS
                                    Kevin Duffy, FLASCC
                                    Edith Benkov, FLC-CSU
                                    Norman Leonard, FLCSD
                                    Svetlana Lazarova, IEFLA
                                    Alexis Frink, KCLTA
                                    Araceli Espinosa, MCLASC
                                    Nadine Elwood, Unaffiliated members/Advertising
                                    Nicole Naditz, Discover Languages
Members absent:     Sylvia Jones, President Elect
                                    Carolyn Moir, CCALP, Management Chair
                                    Anne O’Dowd, FLAMCO
                                    Jason Becker, FLASH
                                    Jeffrey Reeder, NBALT
                                    Robert Blake, UC Consortium



The minutes were approved as corrected.  The Secretary passed around the Board Directory for 2007-08.  The President clarified who is eligible to vote.


The Executive Director has contacted the government representatives to confirm grants and to offer information booths.  She also asked which meals they will attend to prepare the registration envelopes.  She sent FLACC a thank you letter for their donation.  Lorraine, Lewie, Duarte and Nicole will present an advocacy session at ACTFL..  Lorraine and Duarte will meet with Kathy Lynch to set up next year’s advocacy agenda.  Lewie will represent CLTA at SWCOLT. 

Lorraine and Duarte are working on Standards and an official writing committee has been named.  They are using material that was previously developed.  November 2008 is the deadline to have the Standards in place.  A field review will take place in May of 2008.  English Language Arts Standards are the model with which foreign language is working.  Adoption of new textbooks will take place in 2011.  The Standards need to be approved by 2009.  There was discussion on how specific the standards should be.  The committee has 5 more meetings scheduled through February.  They hope to have information available at the January meeting to present to the State by the February meeting.  They still have dual immersion and heritage language and literature issues to resolve.  The CDE chooses who participates in development of the Standards.  The more we can influence textbook publishers, the more we influence curriculum.  The committee is looking at Standards developed in other states to help develop the standards.

The Congress is examining the social security issue for teachers.  Your stories must be sent US mail.  If you have a vested interest in this issue, send in your story.  It must be sent in 2 weeks after the hearing.  Lewie will send out a newsflash to alert teachers to this possibility. 

Lorraine and Duarte are concerned that teachers of French, German and even Spanish are being overlooked in favor of the less commonly taught languages. 

We do not want to overlook the less commonly taught languages, yet we do not want the commonly taught languages to be dropped.  We need to increase professional development for French and German.  The CFLP would like to develop some type of summer program for French and German.  They would like to offer weekend immersion programs for these languages.  CLTA will work on this issue.  Strategic language planning for California is an issue that we will examine as a future bill for the legislature.

ACTFL has contacted San Diego about a conference in San Diego.  Norman will meet with the ACTFL rep about a future conference there in November 2007 at the ACTFL conference in San Antonio.

CDE received a waiver for the foreign language advisory group to develop the standards. 

Lorraine reminded the Board that we voted to do the wrap around newsletter for Language Magazine.  FLAOC will do the January issue for the conference.   There are 2 2/3 pages of space left.  The first Friday of every month is the deadline for the submitting material to Karen for Language magazine.       



Nicole reported that the State Fair is interested in languages as part of their theme for next year.  They want an outline of what CLTA could provide as visuals and hands on activities for an interactive display at the Fair.  The theme she suggested was Big Fun in Any Language.  The travel abroad companies and the consulates and tourist agencies of the governments will be interested.  Foreign Language can now be part of county fairs.  The State Fair now has categories for foreign language work.      


Tanya reported that she is working on the Awards manual.  The Goethe Institute award is given at a different time than the rest of our award winners.  This year we are sending Gloria Payette as Best of California to SWCOLT.   We need a big pool to choose from for this award.  They have reworked the rubrics and they are on the web site. 

Two CLTA members are finalists on the Curriculum Commission:  Christine Lanphere and Gail Hettler.  On November 7  commission members will be announced.


The CFLP is at the end of its 3 year cycle.  The new funding is to provide programs for less commonly taught languages.  There is a parallel project available to have many subject matters working together in a low performing school. There is $2,000 per student in these schools.  The CFLP was involved in Star Talk, a DOD program to provide funding for working with teachers and students in less commonly taught languages.  Last summer was a program in Mandarin Chinese in Palo Alto.  This year the program’s funding will double.  Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Farsi and Hindi will have programs this year.  The activities need to occur in the summer for K-12 plus higher education.  The 3rd program partnered with the College Board and the Education Departments’ representatives across the U.S. and Chinese study abroad program.  The Chinese government will pay the salaries of the teachers.  Local districts will provide benefits for them, pay their visa fees and provide housing.  This is a three year program.  China wants to continue this program.  CFLP was to introduce them to American education, show them what the vision of language teaching is in the US.  They also had to learn management skills.  Their English skills were fairly good.  If your school is interested in having one of these teachers, you could request one. 


Affiliate reports were given. 


FLAOC is getting ready for the conference.  The facility is very nice.  There are more and more sessions using Internet.  The hotel will charge us $275 for Internet access.  Paula is asking presenters to send her electronic copies or cds of their presentations.  This year she would like to e-mail handouts to overflow attendees.  If enough presenters do this, it will pay for the cost of the Internet rooms.  We are working toward using less paper and relying more on electronic information.  The entertainment is already in place—a Japanese drum group.  We are also looking for students from Orange County for entertainment.  CLTA is still taking interest session applications.  Exhibitors are also interested in presenting sessions.  In January they start work on Sacramento.  Flo is working on university credit from Chapman College.        


The Webmaster reported that e-mail addresses are no longer listed on the web site to avoid getting spam.  Send Lewie the e-mail addresses on an Excell list to add to the Newsflash list.  He presented the list of hits for October.  There were 254,000 hits on all of our web sites.  Our web lessons are the most solicited.  We need to update the links on some of the lessons.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT              

CLTA would like to help affiliates liven up or reorganize.  IEFLA wanted to get the names of all teachers in the two counties.  They have 770 e-mail names to reach teachers in the area.  Susan Carter has asked to speak at the conference about social security issues.     


We will meet with SWCOLT at ACTFL to discuss the possibility of a joint conference.  Tanya will replace Carol on the SWCOLT Board.


They now have 12 applications.  There is CFLP money.  They need a total of 40 hours.  At the plenary session we may have Jean Treiman speak and introduce the candidates for Futures.  They will present a program at the January meeting.


The Membership Chair explained her report.  She is ready to send out renewals for 2006-2007.

MMS to raise CLTA dues to $50 for members and $40 for retirees.

Anyone who joins between now and January 1 gets the rest of this year and all of next year for dues.


The Treasurer will have a conference registration form available soon.  She explained her reports.  She adjusted the proposed budget to agree with changes made in September.   The Executive Director suggested that we use Sidney Gorman money to provide 3-6 year teachers grants to attend the conference.  First and second year teachers are covered by BITSA.  She suggested $500 grants.  Awards committee will take this up and come back with a recommendation for how to implement this program.  The interest from the Gorman account is not included in the report.  The taxes for this year are completed.  FLASCC and CCCFLC returned their rebate checks.


It was suggested that we try to find a publisher to sponsor the wrap around issues.  They would get a small ad.  We need advertising for the program for the conference.  We also need advertising for the newsflash.  It goes out to over 2,600 teachers.  We have 6,000 teachers in the state.  We also have ads in the hard copies of the newsletter—the conference issue.  We would include graffics with links.        


Duarte and Lorraine came up with a suggested web based program for the tip book.  We want to give service to members.  This information would only be available to members.  We can make it members’ exclusive material.  This will focus on the teaching and learning standards.  We can pursue this format.      



The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan E. Korsinen

CLTA Secretary